Nexus 5 Launched Globally; Coming Soon To India Priced At Rs. 28,999


In partnership with LG, Google has announced the launch of Nexus 5, which is currently available in US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan and Korea.

Although its Indian launch is still unannounced, Google has already showing the India page and has stated the Indian price: 16 GB version will cost Rs 28,999 and 32 GB will cost Rs 32,999.

Nexus 5

Just for records, Nexus 5 phone is world’s first device which will run on KitKat 4.4 – the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system Android. Available without any contract and unlocked, Google Nexus 5 has able to generate unprecedented craze all over the globe.

Nexus is also available in two colors: Black and White.

It’s main attraction is the display: 4.95 inch full HD screen along with 1.3 mega pixel front camera and 8 mega pixel rear camera with one unique feature called Optical Image Stabilization. Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor with an amazing speed of 2.3 GHz, the Nexus 5 has 2GB RAM, and is equipped with powerful 2300mAh battery.

Today is also the day that iPhone 5S and 5C are going to sale in India. If you are in a decision making mode as to which one you would want to buy, here are 5 distinguishing factors that you need to know before you go to Apple! (Ok, Apple fans may think we are biased…)

Here are the 5 Distinguishing factors which makes it better than Apple 5S:

Bigger & Better Display Means Better Experience: Display of Nexus is bigger than that of Apple 5S. Bigger screen definitely enhances the user experience, and Google knows that better. Compared to 4 inches (1136 x 640 pixels ) of iPhone 5S, Google Nexus 5’s display is 4.95 inches (1920×1080 pixels).

Nexus 5 Front back side

Just to add, Google Nexus weighs 130 grams, about 18 grams more than Apple 5S. Additionally, in terms of quality, Nexus again beats Apple. Graphics would appear clearer on Nexus as it provides 445 pixels every inch (DPI) on the display screen, compared to 320 pixels per inch on Apple 5S.

Extra RAM Converts to More Applications & Experience: Compared to Apple, Google provides double RAM power: Nexus has 2GB Ram while 5S has only 1 GB. More RAM (internal memory) simply converts to better user experience as you can install more number of applications. Even the processing power of Nexus is more than that of Apple 5S. Just to add a bonus advantage: Google Play Store also has more apps than Apple App Store.

The Most Important – Battery Power: Nexus has 46.5% more battery power than Apple 5S. This reason alone can convince several travelling bloggers and outdoor professionals in choosing the former, than the latter.

While Google Nexus is coming with a battery with energy of 2300mAh whereas Apple 5S has total capacity of only 1570mAh. This is one huge factor, considering today’s information hungry generation. And, Apple 5S’s battery has some known manufacturing defects as well, which has effected several users. However, on a side note, I also want to mention that Apple 5S does have a smaller screen, which in theory will consume less battery power.

More Flexibility with Wireless Charging: Google Nexus 5 can be charged without using any wires. Wireless charging was initiated on Nexus 4, and with the latest Nexus 5, Google has completely redesigned the wireless charging pad. It is shaped like a square, and has magnets in it which will make the placement easier. This feature is not available in Apple 5S.

Price, Price, Price: Now, this probably is the biggest of them all. Nexus 5 comes to you at Rs. 28,999 compared to iPhone 5S price that hovers around Rs. 50,000! Need we say more?

What is your take on this comparison? If you are an Apple loyalist, then your view point would be strongly welcomed.

Android lovers: Here is to your victory! Go for it!

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