Nimbuzz Partners With Spectranet To Offer Super Cheap VOIP International Calling


If you call international locations from India frequently, this will bring a smile on your face. Nimbuzz, the popular PC and mobile messaging app has forged a partnership with Spectranet to launch “Spectranet hello IP”, a legal VoIP calling platform that will allow Nimbuzz users in India to make international calls at super cheap rates. This service can be used either from PC or mobile across all data networks and Wi-Fi starting today and is applicable only to international calls made from India.

Calling to US through Spectranet Hello IP is nearly equivalent to prices of a local mobile call. A call from India to US on a landline or mobile phone costs 0.008 cents per minute or equivalent to around 50 paise per minute, or less than 1 paise per second. Even calls to UK work out to be extremely cheap, roughly around Rs. 1.25 per minute.

Nimbuzz Calling rates

With these kind of rates available, a user may not think twice about having long international calls. Calling rates for countries other than US and UK are also comparatively quite cheap [Check them here].

While calling from US to India is relatively cheaper due to presence of calling cards, it has always been expensive to call internationally out of India. Till sometime back, VOIP was illegal in India and was not allowed and hence the calls had to go from traditional PSTN channels. With VOIP gaining acceptance, the calling rates have fallen drastically over last couple of years.

Apart from Nimbuzz, there are other VOIP calling solutions available like Skype and Localphone. But they are still more than twice as expensive as what Nimbuzz is offering.

So, this festive season you will not have to think twice before calling your loved one or friend in a distant country, just make sure you have Nimbuzz installed on phones!

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