Idea Cellular slashes International Roaming rates by 75%!


The domestic mobile Tariff wars have settled, but for international roaming charges, the war is just getting started. Idea has announced launch of “Idea iRoam pack” for post-paid customers which will offer 75% discount on all international roaming services like Incoming and Outgoing calls, SMS as well as on data services.

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What “Idea iRoam pack” offers

According to the press release, Idea subscribers can now call internationally to 37 countries at upto 75% discount compared to previous rates. The Idea iRoam pack is available in major countries including UAE, USA, Singapore, UK, Thailand, China, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Italy, etc. This offer is valid for Voice, SMS and Data usage is valid for 30 days from the date of activation.

Following are the details of iRoam packs:

iRoam Pack for Voice, Data & SMS

Monthly Rental

Discount on existing Rate*

Activation Keyword

Rs. 500



Sms to 12345

Rs. 1,400



Sms to 12345

Rs. 5,000



Sms to 12345

*to know existing rates, please visit International Roaming section on

iRoam Data Pack

Monthly Rental

Free Usage

Beyond Free Usage

Activation Keyword

Rs. 2500


40 MB


75% Discount

Sms to 12345

iRoam USA Pack for Voice, Data & SMS

Monthly Rental

Rate in Rs.

Activation Keyword

Outgoing Local

Call Back Home/International




Rs 1500






Sms to 12345

To see the list of International operators supported on iRoam, visit here.

My Take on iRoam Packs

Although, Idea has given significant discount on International roaming calling rates, I still think the rates on higher side. Very few Individuals (except Corporates) use traditional mobile calling while roaming internationally. Most of them use international calling card, which work out much cheaper. Some cards give you close to 1000 minutes of calling for as low as USD 5.

Having said that, Idea has taken the right step by introducing discounted packs. We will see how other operators react to this, and they will probably follow suite…

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