Snapdeal Partners With ReGlobe To Buy Used Mobile Handsets!


In the clutter of ecommerce where every other site on the web is trying to sell something, it needs innovation to do something new to catch the consumer’s eyeballs. Snapdeal has now partnered with a re-commerce platform ReGlobe. It allows users to buy or sell second-hand gadgets like laptops, smartphones, tablets etc. (with plans to expand in other categories) securely, with confidence, and from a local business that is passionate about ‘Second Hand’ commerce. is itself a 2 year old Indian startup, but they seem to have forged a partnership with Snapdeal that will allow users to sell their older handsets (not buy). Snapdeal has put ReGlobe under their offers section. Partnering with Snapdeal will surely give ReGlobe much needed traction, while allowing Snapdeal to cash-in on their existing user base, who want to sell their products.

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Here is how ReGlobe works:


The modus operandi

1. Search and select your gadget from the list and give the details of the condition of your gadget (laptop/smartphone/tablet) 2. Receive an instant quote in seconds to know exactly how much you will receive for you gadget 3. Schedule a pickup by giving contact details. Pick-up only in select cities like Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad now or drop off in their office 4. Get paid instantly in cash once the technician physically verifies the details entered with the original condition of your gadget

ReGlobe has ensured even the dumbest of us are able to know the model number of their gadget. Not only they have mentioned to go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘About Phone’ to know the model number, they have even put up photographs of prominent brands like Apple, Compaq, Dell, etc. for laptop users where finding model numbers are slightly tough. Going even one step further, they will assist you in knowing the model number should you email them a simple pic of your gadget!

How your gadget is judged?

If you look at the checklist which needs to be honestly filled (because a wrong entry will reduce the quote and increase your disappointment), thorough information is asked for via questions ranging from scratches on the phone to the box of the phone to any button defect. Based upon this information, a quote is generated.


Getting instant cash is a strong ‘carrot’ for someone who wants to dispose off his or her gadget. With new technology coming every other day, this makes for a good platform to dispose off your unwanted gadgets and go for the more aspirational ones – all this in the comfort of your home and without having the headache of roaming from one second-hand dealer to the other.

What do they do of it?

All gadgets they buy are re-furbished and given new life and the ones which cannot be re-furbished are recycled through their recycling partner.

There is a Catch though…

In spite of ‘shouting’ that non-working phones are accepted, as soon as you click on the non-working link, ‘Sorry! Currently we do not accept non-working mobile phones’ come up. Some of the most popular models like Blackberry 8520 are missing in the list provided. The quote is generated on the basis of what you fill in, if the technician decides to think otherwise for a particular defect – say, keypad not working, then you get paid far less. There is no provision to sell laptops as of now.

Is it Worth Selling your gadget on ReGlobe?

I tried to dummy-sell my colleague’s Samsung Galaxy Note 1 N7000 and a newly bought Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 16 GB. The Samsung Note was more than a year old (there is absolutely no differentiation between a phone just more than a year old and one which is much more) without a box and bill (but with a charger and other essentials) and in fairly good condition. The S4 was much better: brand new in mint condition with all accessories and of course, less than a year. The price quoted for the Note was around Rs. 8,800 and for the S4 was Rs. 25,000. This, personally, doesn’t seem to be in sync with the market rates or even on olx where you can get much better deals, if not the best.

If you read the Terms of Use, you will close the browser window itself. Statements like “Should you be given a quote via our website AND we, upon inspection of your laptop or other device, agree to pay you that quoted amount, you are legally and contractually bound to sell us the laptop or other device for the price quoted via the website” will scare you like anything!!!

If you really want to sell your old gadget, post it on olx or quikr. You might get delayed a bit finding a good deal but it is at least better than selling your device at a throwaway price with threats like this!!!

Sell here, if and only if, you are desperate for disposing off your gadget for some instant cash.

Postscript: I tried to sell my beloved Blackberry 8520, filled up the request form and mailed them and got an assurance of an executive calling me at the earliest. But 2 hours have passed, neither have I got a mail enquiring nor a call intimating anything. Aha, one more reason NOT to sell my Blackberry :P

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