99 eBooks Under Rs. 99 Each – Amazon Seeks To Pump up Kindle in India!


It is no secret that I am a fan of Amazon’s Kindle. I do not own a Kindle mind you but the way the ecosystem works impresses me. I have already once mentioned the advantage whispersync presents while reading the books. I change devices so often that suddenly I find myself reading one book a week from what would be a book in a month or so.

Now that Amazon has come to India, it has brought Kindle product with full force. While before, one could only buy the books in USD, the option of INR is present on the Amazon.in site. While the site still goes to the main site – Amazon.com, for payment, the price is set in Rupees.

Even the offers have started turning up Indianised. If you open the Kindle eBook page right now, you will find an offer for the Festive season.

As Diwali approaches, we will see many companies offering products at various discounts or with a variety of offers. Amazon is offering 99 Books at the price mark of under Rs. 99 only.

Kindle eBooks offer

The books that are of offer range from Fiction to Non-Fiction, Love stories to Self-Help, Business to Study and everything in between. There is the biography of Anupam Kher (that I immediately bought) and then there is the complete set of ‘The Speaking Tree’ compiled in various volumes. The children are not ignored with Jataka Tales and Bedtime stories present in the mix. Along with this are Fantasy stories like H.I.V.E. and Business books like Corporate Chanakya.

All in all, I can safely say that there is something for everyone. And the price point is excellent. Most of these books are over Rs. 200 in the normal scenario, be it in hardcopy or eBook version. Anyone who is using Kindle will find this a very juicy offer, though I do not expect anyone to convert to Kindle because of this. But if you are in 2 minds about buying Kindle, you should go for it. Afterall, the cost of buying a Kindle reader has come down below Rs. 6000! [affiliate link]

Here, I am obviously discounting the piracy that is rampant in our country. People often do not understand why they should buy an ebook if they can simply download it for free. But for those who do understand, take a look at the 99 Books that are on offer on Kindle by Amazon.

And one more thing- The offer lasts up to 17th October, 2013. So, have fun browsing.

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