PayUPaisa Now Offering Free Payment Gateway Services To Merchants!


Flipkart’s launch of it’s own payment gateway PayZippy seems to have affected other providers quite a bit. Infact, PayUPaisa, the new online payment solution brand from PayU India, has now made its payment gateway services absolutely free.

They have launched a ZERO Transaction Charges offer from 1st July 2013, which waives off all transaction charges levied on a merchant for any transaction. So going forward a merchant registered with PayUPaisa does not have to pay any Transaction Discount Rate or Merchant discount Rate.

This new plan is applicable to all new as well as existing customers of PayUPaisa. This new offer of Zero Transaction charges is valid till 30th September 2013.

PayUPaisa Free Payment Gateway Services

PayUPaisa already has over 4000 merchants signed up with them, however, with launch of PayZippy from Flipkart, and few other new ones in pipeline, this vertical has come alive in India. All payment gateways are now in a hurry to capture new userbase.

This is a smart move by PayUPaisa – They have kept this as a limited time period offer for nearly 3 , which is quite an extended time period to give completely free offering. However, because it is for an extended time period offering, many merchants are sure to give PayUPaisa a try. And if PayUPaisa is able to offer satisfactory services and competitive rates after the initial free period, they are sure to latch on to bunch of customers.

With introductory offers coming in from PayZippy and now from PayUPaisa, I do see likes of CCavenue, Direcpay, Zaakpay and EBS also coming up with some sort of offers. Otherwise PayUpaisa is sure to erode some of their existing customers as well.

What do you think?

  1. shivanand says

    I had booked a mobile through wooodeals website for cash on delivery in december 2013 but it insisted me to pay Rs.150 as an advance though payupaisa and I did the same. But in January 2014 I received a mail that my order has been cancelled by wooodeals and your amount will be refunded by payupaisa in one week but till today no refund has been done. please help.

    1. Nitin says

      Mr. Shivanand as per us we have given refund to all customers, if still your refund of Rs 150 is not done by payu Paisa Please contact us on our given email address in contact us we will get it done as even we are not getting any response for few customers refund from Payu Paisa. Just because of Rs 150 which is with Payu Paisa we do not want to spoil our company image. Warm Regards, Nitin

  2. John says

    A startup, lacking processes and co-ordination. I applied for it. It took long time to get activated and the worst part was no one was bothered to give any updates, support or in explaining the whole process. I took their account as a merchant and finally Cancelled the account due to poor service. I got pissed off and escalated things and people started calling and shouting over phone. Worst part, there some technical glitches with their payment front end in some browsers. A payment related company cannot be so naive. I do not recommend. I am a highly dissatisfied customer.

  3. Aditya Dey says

    Actually I knew that it was coming….A free payment gateway service is always handy for small merchants….but the service and security should be good enough…..

  4. Albert says

    PayUPaisa does not support selling web based products. Look down for their response.

    Hi Albert,

    Thank you for writing in.

    We regret to inform you that PayU Paisa does not currently support your line of business. However, we have noted down your contact details and will get in touch with you once this category is approved for payment gateway services by PayU Paisa.

    PayU Paisa Care :)

  5. Albert says

    We like Competition! – No other comments. ;)

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