Cleartrip Introduces Online Flight Reschedule Feature!


Oh.. How happy I am to hear this from Cleartrip…

Believe me, I have personally gone through hell last month trying to get my flights rescheduled with Cleartrip. And even after innumerable calls, few hours on phone with Cleartrip executives and many messages on twitter, I still could not reschedule my flights. I had to cancel the flights first, and then book completely new again.

In that process, I lost few thousand rupees on cancellations in addition to frustrations and wastage of time.

Cleartrip rescheduling feature

Looks like Cleartrip has taken steps to ensure that customers like me do not suffer to much when it comes to changing of flights and cancellations. According to the blog post on their site, they have become the first we are the first online travel agent in India, and probably the first in the world, to offer fully online flight modifications and cancellations.

It was fully manual earlier, where passengers needed to call customer support and get it done. With the new online system, passengers can do it themselves without any manual intervention.

How Does it work?

Lets say you have booked a flight for a meeting scheduled for next week, and it gets postponed by a week (probably the most frequent occurrence for professional travelers), you will need to log-into your cleartrip account and click on change flight option given on your “trips” screen.

Flight re-schedule

With this you can have date change, flight change, time change, changes for select passengers, changes for select sectors and changes for select passengers on select sectors.

After doing appropriate changes, you can confirm the booking, make payments if any and get new tickets emailed to you instantly on your email.

Once you have completed the process, you should get following confirmation screen from Cleartrip.

Flight changedCleartrip also announced that it has waived off Rs. 300 per flight charges which used to be levied earlier for any flight changes, but passengers will still need to pay date-change & cancellation fees charged by the airlines. These fees generally range from Rs. 250 to Rs. 1000 per passenger per flight per sector and sometimes works out to be very expensive.

Overall, kudos to Cleartrip for bringing in this much needed change!

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