4 Reasons Why Indian Businesses Should Switch to the Cloud


Everyone has heard about the cloud so much that it’s become old hat. Yet, many Indian businesses that could drastically benefit from cloud offerings still haven’t made the switch.

Whether this is due to intimidation, misinformation, or just a fear of change, reluctant Indian businesses need to step up and make the smart move for their companies.

Cloud Storage

Here are four bullet proof reasons why the cloud is the best place for your workplace.


1. Offers Recession-Proof Pricing

Much more affordable than expensive servers, maintenance, and the workers required to keep systems optimal (let alone the security software), the cloud is cheap and efficient. Number crunchers choose the cloud because it makes sense for the bottom line.

Many companies have been able to cut costs up to 20%, according to MySMS, and some companies have been able to find free cloud storage. Additionally, smaller companies that lack up-front finances can choose cloud storage options that are on a pay-as-you-go plan: this means they can get started with work immediately, rather than biding time to save for servers and IT staff.

The cloud holds one Exabyte of information, which is about 1,073,741,824 Gigabytes, according to this infographic. The reason the cloud holds so much information is because companies can afford to store it there.

2. Improves Employee Mobility

Available on all devices including smartphones and tablets, the cloud is also readily accessible from any Internet connected site. Workers can literally logon to their virtual desktop from Fiji, or while home sick with the flu. Having this kind of mobility makes the cloud an easy choice for workplaces that are increasingly flexible in terms of hours, work-from-home programs, and part-time employment needs.

Employees love using the cloud because it makes file sharing a seamless and fast process. Rather than relying upon external companies and paying extra fees for storage in random locations, the cloud creates one safe, secure destination for all shared documents. With more than 50 million people using DropBox every three minutes to load more than one million files, it’s clear that the word is out to your employee-base about the cloud.

3. Provides Unsurpassed Security

Because information is backed up remotely on cloud servers, companies become less vulnerable to hackers and viruses when they use this method of storage. While one malicious bug could wipe out an entire network, it’s virtually impossible for a bug to spread to a high security cloud.

Also, sensitive information is closely guarded on clouds, which means that companies with proprietary documents are more secure outsourcing storage than they are keeping it in filing cabinets. Encryption and firewall protection on clouds is unparalleled.

4. IT Workers With Clouds Get Free Weekends

IT workers love the cloud because it means less maintenance and fewer frantic Saturday night calls about computer crashes. Companies love the cloud because it means fewer IT people. Furthermore, a cloud is continually evolving outside of a business, without the companies own hard work. That means that every member of the cloud reaps the benefits of each upgrade without employing IT workers to do manual updates after buying costly software and hardware.

Cloud storage provides more than you can imagine if you aren’t already using it. Even if you doubt the efficacy of clouds, a short trial is worthwhile in proving the numbers.

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