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Compared to the west, Indian Startup Ecosystem is relatively small, but growing at a steady pace. Increasing number of startups are coming up, more incubators and accelerator programs are getting launched and more angel / VC money is getting into the Indian startup Ecosystem.

World Startup Report, an organization started by Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs and VCs like Bowei Gai, Dave McClure and Brad Feld recently released a comprehensive report on Indian Startup Ecosystem. The report covers various aspects including India’s startup culture, past and upcoming successes, opportunities, Trends, future outlook and more.

The report also compares India’s startup Ecosystem with that of US and China. Here is the slideshare deck of the report.

My Take on the report

In my personal opinion, the report has been well made and definitely gives an overview of where India stands currently. However, given that this report has been made by some of the most regarded VC / Entrepreneurs, I expected a lot more from the report. It features successes of Flipkart, Snapdeal, Justdial and other well known names, but no where has it touched upon some really smaller startups that have great potential.

Also, in the section where they list down “India Surprises” – I do not tend to agree that one can generalize that India is “Made in China” or that everything is slower in in India by factor of “2-10x”.

I think the makers of the report needed to talk more entrepreneurs to understand what really goes on at the ground level. Some sentences made in the report seem to be more perceptual rather than factual.

Having said that, everyone who is interested in India’s Startup Ecosystem should take a look at this deck to get an overview of where we stand!

  1. Raghav chandak says

    I want to open a business in field of raw milk.
    Plz sugest me how to take help from goverment to open my business.
    Because I have less amount of money to invest.
    Kindly let me know which path i choose to gain the monatary help from goverment..

  2. Firespotting says

    ” but no where has it touched upon some really smaller startups that have great potential.” – that is where Firespotting comes in. Give it a try ! Spot some fires !!

  3. Animesh Roy says

    I must say that the report is very detailed and some very important truths have been stated regarding Indian start up ecosystem. I also stopped on the line ‘India is “Made in China”‘ but it is more or less real fact. Yes India has already missed the PC revolution but to match up with smartphone & Tablet revolution a lot to be done where India’s internet penetration is 10% and Smartphone penetration is just 3%. So to bring speed in the start up culture a lot to be done.

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