Google Nexus –Why they are great for Mobile Device Ecosystem!


It was years ago, January 5th, 2010 to precise when Google launched its first Nexus phone. With the help of HTC, Nexus One was launched and presented before the audience to judge and for other manufacturers to get a standard.

It wasn’t the first Android phone; it was not even the first Android phone by Google – that was G1. Yet, it was the first Android phone that was made in the image of its competitor. It was made with a single focus – Creating a pure Google experience. To say it was a success, is ordinary. The important thing was that there was one phone in the market by Android which had none of the weaknesses of Android which were creeping in- Bloatware, Delayed Android updates and less than average functionality.


Due to its open source nature it was impossible to stop these things unless Google started acting like a dictator and destroyed the open source nature. Hence came the Nexus.

The biggest advantage of having a Nexus was that you were the first person to get the latest update. Another hind-side advantage was that now every phone manufacturing company had to make sure that their flagship Android phone had to be better than the Nexus and at a competitive price point.

Finally, this year, Nexus brand came to tablets in the form of Nexus 7 and boy did it sell like hot cakes and got reviews like a Christopher Nolan movie. Google kept its reputation intact by making a stellar product at an astounding price. The competition was not just from Apple but even inside attacks like Amazon were hurting Android by huge fragmentation. Google did good to tackle it.

The competition in tablet market is growing fierce. Unlike Mobile where according to most tech pundits Android has won, tablets is still an open field. In fact, the competition is fiercer as with Amazon’s kindles creating their own ecosystem not unlike an Android parallel universe.

This whole journey now concludes in this week’s finale. Google has officially entered all the three markets- 4”, 7” and 10”. All the bases are covered and Google has unleashed its Nexus on the world along with Android 4.2 (JellyBean).

The Nexus’ fame can be gauged from the fact that both Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 sold out within minutes of being on the sale.

Of course, there have been reports of not getting the smoothest online experience (which should not be the case for a company that thrives online) but overall this is a dream launch for any company’s product.

There are better products out there, Galaxy S3 to name the first, different products like the phablets – Note 2 another contender but Nexus remains what its name is- Nexus for Android.

At each size point we have one Nexus pitting against other companies with other platforms!

There is no denying one fact – Nexus Devices are great for our Mobile Device Ecosystem, it is making sure that other phone manufacturers create a better product and at a price point that is very competitive. Even Apple had to come out with Apple iPad mini, and Nexus 7 had a major role in doing that!

Would love to hear your perspective on this!

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