Mobile Towers banned near Schools & Hospitals!


Although there are no conclusive findings regarding health hazards caused by radiations emitted by mobile phone towers, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has gone ahead and banned installations of mobile phone towers on top of educational Institutions and Hospitals.

Indian Government has recently reduced the permissible radiation limit by tenth for mobile phone towers from 4500 milliwatts/sq. m to 450 milliwatts/sq. m, however BMC is playing it safe.

Going forward, Telecom Operators will now have to submit location certificates along with No Object Certificates (NOC) from the housing society of the building on which the mobile tower is expected to be installed. Only after submission of these documents will the operator get license to erect a mobile tower.

Mobile Tower Radiation

The health risks posed to people who are in vicinity of mobile towers has been a bone of contention for a long time. There has been no hard evidence showing that health gets affected due to mobile tower radiations.

According to Wikipedia, World Health Organization or WHO has classified mobile phone radiation on the IARC scale into Group 2B – possibly carcinogenic (cancer causing). That means that there "could be some risk" of carcinogenicity, so additional research into the long-term, heavy use of mobile phones needs to be conducted.

According to some experts, it is advised that a person should not use a cell phone for more than 18 to 24 minutes per day. Here is an excellent Slideshare presentation on Cell phone and mobile tower radiation hazards.

One thing is for sure, it is a step in right direction. All local governing bodies should have stringent regulations to curb unsafe and illegal erection of mobile phone towers.

  1. amrita girish says

    We are a school. we have three mobile towers on top of the building next to us.
    Is it allowed?
    What are the rules governing installation of mobile towers next to a school

  2. Arwa Halvadwala says

    The article itself starts with the words "Although there are no conclusive findings regarding health hazards caused by radiations emitted by mobile phone towers…" what could be a bigger irony?

    If they themselves agree that there is no evidence of hazards, why is the government inconveniencing itself and others by bringing down cell towers?
    As it is, Mumbai suffers from poor network in most places. Taking down towers will only add to the citizen's woes!
    And let's face it, how many of us can actually imagine a life without cell phones?

    I strongly condemn this move by the government and I feel it is a part of a conspiracy involving people with vested interests who want to make money out of issues like these by spreading unfounded fear and panic!

  3. Robin Williams says

    Mobile Tower is really very dangerous, the effects of high levels of radiation. People living close to these towers are suspected to be at a higher risk of health disorders.

  4. Vandhana Karthick says

    My office is situated opposite over Hospital and they have mobile tower in their hospital building? If we oppose this does it practically possible to fight with them to get out of there? I already studied that it will affect harmones in human? I dont know how much it is true. Kindly give idea regarding this and what to do in further…

    1. Amit Shah says

      PIL will be apt. What kind of hospital is that? Please complain to the local authorities and if they dont comply
      register a PIL

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