Unique Identification (UID) to Foreigners as well !


Once the Unique Identification (UID) scheme is implemented, don’t be surprised to know that even the foreigners could be eligible to get a UID card to be registered in their name under the scheme. The government is planning to inculcate a single data-base for all the people in the country irrespective of their citizenship.

According to Times News Network, the BMC Chief Swadheen Kshatriya (who is in charge of maintaining and upgrading the database for Mumbai on behalf of the UIDAI) has said that all the people living in India, be it from outside the state or even the country, would be eligible for the number under the Unique Identification (UID) scheme of the central government.

In some of the developed and sophisticated countries like Germany which effectively uses this system of keeping a track on the movement of the people where all inhabitants within the country have to report the status of their stay in various cities, with the local authorities, within the country from time to time. The inhabitants have to carry the identification cards with them and have to be produced to the concerned authorities on demand.

Basically, the aim of the scheme is to accumulate data and collect information about the person’s nationality and even domicile. Once this crucial information is ingrained in the UID card, the person can be categorized according to the nature and applicability of the information and appropriation of various benefits for which the card holder could be eligible, if at all, under various schemes and programs.

The UID scheme is not discriminatory in nature to insiders and outsiders, but beneficial in knowing the status of the person more easily by way of the information in the UID card. The government does not aim to provide the card only to the citizens of the country. It is in no way a declaration of the citizenship of the country but a broad scheme that aims sampling of the information and identity of the card holder.

The use of UID scheme could entail a broad scope and ramifications for the country like India and if properly utilized in a planned manner could be easily termed as one of the biggest reform measure under taken by the country.

The proper implementation of the scheme can be effectively utilized to serve various social and economic programs of the nation like electoral rolls, insurance schemes, demographics of population, tax slabs, funds spending allocation, educational and health programs targeted at Rural India like NREG, Sarva Shikhsa Abhiyaan, Bharat Nirman, etc.

Do you agree that UID scheme will serve as the biggest reform measure for the country?

  1. Mahesh says

    You may find more about Aadhaar at http://uidnumber.org

  2. VENKATESH M S says

    What are the benefits of linking my bank a/c to AADHAAR

  3. Abhishek kumar says

    I would like to know about this UID card I want to started to make card in muzaffarpur, sitamarhi, darbhanga, samastipur, sidpur, BIHAR (843302)

    what is the procedure to apply………………………….

  4. babasaheb phapale says

    I would like to know when & where this UID scheme will be started in pantnagar, ghatkopar, mumbai (40075)
    what is the procedure to apply

  5. s.p.srivastav says

    what is proseser of uid card collect

  6. T.D.Bhatt says

    I would like to know when this UID scheme will be started in UP.

  7. Ismail Ahmed Syed says

    What is the procedure for getting the UID for indian citizens who are working abroad such as USA etc…?

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