Google announces Google4Doodle Contest!


It is that time of the year again and Google has announced their annual Google4Doodle contest in celebration of the Children’s Day – A contest that will probably make the winner of this Doodle contest a sort of a mini-celebrity.

The winning doodle in this contest will grace Google’s search Homepage for entire day.

In 2010, Google4Doodle had a theme “My Dream for India”, which was won by Akshay Raj of Aloysius High School, Mangalore, India. Here is the winning Google Doodle that he sketched. In 2011, Varsha Gupta won when the theme was “India’s Gift to the world

Last year, Google 4 Doodle competition received over 100,000 entries and this year with some interesting enhancements, it is expected to surpass this figure with the competition now going to 40 cities.

Google Doodle

Google4Doodle 2012 Contest

Doodle 4 Google competition for 2012 is having the theme ‘Unity in Diversity’. Participating children between the ages of 5 to 16 years will have to share their creativity by doodling on the Google logo.The winning Doodle will be featured on the Google (India) HomePage on Children’s Day (November 14th). The final winner of the competition will be announced at a glittering event in New Delhi on November 6.

How to Participate in Google 4 Doodle Contest

  • Children studying in class 1-10 can participate in the competition
  • All participants must submit all necessary details along with their doodle mentioned in the form on the website. The submission may be either individually or through the school. The school route is valid only if the school is organizing to collect and submit the doodles on behalf of their students
  • Last date for submissions is October, 23 2012
  • After a series of elimination by celebrity panel of judges, 12 best Doodles will be displayed on the gallery. These entries will be open for public voting allowing users to vote for their favorite Doodle in each category

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