Weekly Wrap-up: TRAI guidelines, Retail FDI effects, Fake Identity issues & more…


Here are some of the buzzing and popular posts that were published on trak.in last week.


India’s most well known “ethical” hacker had to face embarrassment (again) – His own site got hacked for the 4th time, that too in response to open challenge that he gave…

Given past experiences where notorious telecom operators hiked their SMS charges on high traffic day (called black-out days), TRAI has issued new guidelines to protect consumer interests and bring more transparency around these blackout days.

Multi-Brand retail has been much talked about topic over last couple of weeks – Is this multi-brand retail really Good for consumers and India’s Economy?

Government security agencies announced last week that they plan to form an agency that will monitor the web – Is it possible, does it make sense to do that?

Indian Brands fared much better that global brands when it came to Social Media Engagement of consumers – Tata Docomo came up as the top Indian brand on Social Media.

Here are the Trak.in Toons we published last week:

  • Pray that your CEO also has such Ideas
  •  Apple iOS 5 Maps Vs iOS 6 Maps

Rediff has finally announced the launch of its Android news app. Initial impressions of the users have been great for this app.

Now, the traditional digital cameras are moving to Android and becoming “smart”.

To protest against the opening up of FDI and Diesel price hike, left & opposition parties staged Bharat Bandh. The losses were expected to be in tune of Rs. 12.5k crore. That’s how staggering the losses are due to a Bandh.

People are getting bored of Facebook – But in recent times Rage comics are bringing back visitors to worlds largest social media platform.

This cannot be stressed enough – If you are online frequently, make sure you guard yourself against identity theft. Here is an example and ways to defend from it!

Apple released iOS 6 last week – Unlike earlier, this upgrade received much flak due to not-so-error-free Maps application. Consumers have come to expect perfection from Apple, and when something like this happens, everyone talks!

And finally, here are our Top 10 Business News and Top 10 Technology news from India.

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