Top 10 Indian Twitter Trends of the week [Sept 17]


Things have heated up in the country. Our prime minister gave out a live address to the nation Friday, as the government tries to stabilize things. Amongst all this, Indian twitteratis were busy sharing their views on various topics. Let us have a look at the Top twitter trends of the week.

Top twitter trends

1. The T20 World Cup

The Twenty-20 world cup is on and India have already played their first match. Their next one is on Sunday, and it being with England, there is much excitement among all. The excitement was clearly evident throughout the week when hash tags like #wt20 remained in the top trends throughout the week. No doubt why this hash tag takes the #1 spot in this list!!

2. Release of the much awaited movie ‘Barfi’

#barfi was another hash tag that was present in the trending list. Ranbir Kapoor’s latest movie, Barfi, released last Friday. The movie which has a different storyline than the usual Bollywood products have already been nominated for the Busan Film Festival which is scheduled to be held in October and has been selected as the Indian entry the Oscar awards.

3. Oscar

The hype was around whole week as people tried to estimate which movie would become the Indian entry for the Academy awards this year. With Anurag Basu’s Barfi emerging the choice, the discussions would continue for a few more days.

4.Opening up of FDI in organized retail

The government announced the opening up of Foreign Direct Investment in the organized retail sector in India. The move attracted wide protests by opposition parties. #fdi was used to discuss all the latest happenings on the issue.

5.The Nation-wide Bandh on 20th September

The Government’s decision of opening up the retail sector to FDI attracted a call for a nation-wide bandh on the 20th September. The opposition parties succeeded to much extent in making the bandh a success, thanks to the appeals made on social networking platforms including Twitter, which used the hash tag #bharatbandh.

6. Heroine


Kareena kapoor’s ‘Halkat Jawani’ movie Heroine was released this Friday and received mixed responses. While the movie was being discussed earlier in the week due to the excitement, it was discussed later to praise (or criticize) it.

7. #iamthepersonwho

This was another hash tag which people used for a bit of fun. Well, it’s quite fun to say the catchiest thing about yourself!

8. #quote

A hash tag which is in the top list thanks to its wide use by Indian twitterati to quote one thing or the other.

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