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Pune-headquartered IT company Nihilent Technologies has thrown light on its latest platform, Tumbhi.com. This move is being projected as an initiative to discover and nurture artistic talent from both India and abroad. The various areas of interest at the site chiefly span photography, writing, poetry, filmmaking and fine arts.


The founder Mr. L.C. Singh recently led a candid conversation with select journalists and bloggers from Pune, discussing the route to his newest idea and how he continues to implement it. It all started in 2006, with Mr. Singh’s experience of making his film Banaras. During that time, the Harvard Business School graduate was “baffled by a complete lack of a platform” to provide opportunities to aspiring artists.

Keeping an eye on the rising internet penetration in India and elsewhere, he decided to use his vast IT experience to build a technology solution that would not only discover and mentor creative minds, but also help them exhibit their abilities – that is how Tumbhi came into being.

An expanding expert panel comprised of India’s best known artists set out to scrutinize each entry that is sent to them during international competitions conducted by the site, with Mr. Singh claiming to respect every submission that is made to them. Among the several contests that Mr. Singh mentioned was a poetry competition that attracted over 4500 entries, including 800 Urdu-language submissions from Pakistan. A phenomenon such as this one would add a feather in the caps of advocates looking to build newer bridges between India and its western neighbor.

One of the top indications of the current success of Tumbhi.com appears to be the volume of responses received from around the world – artists from more than 135 countries have uploaded their portfolios on the site.

An ‘Ecosystem’ For Honing Talent

Both the founder and one of the panelists, Kiran Khalap, an eminent brand consultant and acclaimed author, stressed on the need for an ecosystem that connects minds. A lack of a similar system in sport explains the dismal performance that India puts up at every Olympic games, despite having one of the biggest possible pools to search and hone talent. Mr. Khalap talked about adopting an evolutionary approach under the guidance of the best experts, unlike the spirit of crowdsourcing which provides value with the exactitude of facts contributed by volunteers spread across the globe.

When asked about the ease of use and compatibility of the technologies driving Tumbhi.com, Mr. Singh emphasized that every known point of access was being tested out publicly, particularly the varied mobile devices available today. He also stressed on Tumbhi.com maintaining repositories and surging forward with the power of content, a key factor for success in the online world.

The Constellation of Stars at Tumbhi.com

The momentum in each area of talent is being built up and maintained by some of the best-known personalities India possesses today. Award-winning photographer Prashant Godbole is out to look for message-rich photo essays from budding photographers. Noted Urdu poet Irshad Kamil has joined the panel to help identify and polish poetic talent hidden among the masses.

Brand evangelist Kiran Khalap is set to use his immense experience to groom aspiring writers of all genres. There are many more who have joined in – all seem to be united by what they believe is a noble initiative to eliminate the tyranny of geographical separation and international boundaries, both of which can cause promising brains to be hidden away.

Tumbhi.com can set a positive precedent for all those looking for an IT solution to connect the finest experts with the best raw talent, ensuring brighter future generations to take over the reins of leadership in their respective arenas.

If you are a budding artist, head over to Tumbhi.com, which could prove to be your doorway to big league!


    very nice
    i ‘d like to perform through your platform .I m a tabla player of odissa.

  2. Vijay Guleria says

    Really a great platform.

  3. Sushil Bahl-Communication Street says

    Very good concept! Do bring in ADVERTISING DESIGN into the syllabus. Our B-School students need that very much. They not only have Advertising as just one Course, but rarely touch photography, art, copy and communication design and layout! Even the Media Schools are only scratching the surface!

  4. Kiran Khalap says

    Thanks, Naweed, very accurately summarised!

    1. Sushil Bahl-Communication Street says

      Very good concept. Please see my comment on trak.in

  5. Pavan R Chawla says

    Great story

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