Top of the line tablet with Sim Card for only Rs.2200…fraud?


The tablet prices are tumbling… Literally every second week, we hear a new cheap / budget tablet is launched with price tag ranging from Rs. 4k to Rs. 8k.

Currently, the cheapest tablet in the market – Ubislate (the commercial version of Aakash) – has set the benchmark for lowest price tag on a tablet with a pricing of approx. Rs. 2999/-. However, with that kind of pricing, Ubislate comes with not so flattering specs, namely a CPU being around 800 mHz, lowly 256 mb ram, a resistive touch screen and 3000 mAH battery.

Today I came across a tablet which really surprised me.

A tablet called Angelpad, which boasts of top-of-the-line specs like 1.5 GHz processor, 7 inch capacitive display, 1GB DDR3 Ram, multi-touch screen, 32 GB space, Bluetooth 4.0 has been priced at only USD 40. At current rupee conversion rate, that translates to only about Rs. 2200. The most surprising aspect of this tablet is that it even has a SIM Card facility.


Full Angelpad Specifications (as given on their website)

  • Main IC : (Boxchip) A10),Cortex A8 Multi-Core, Max 1.5 Ghz
  • Screen: 7 inches 16:9, 800 X480 ,CAPACITIVE TFT display
  • RAM: 1GB DDR3 1366 MHz
  • ROM: 8/16GB Flash (+ 32 GB)
  • Storage Extend : 4GB-32GB SD/TF Support
  • WiFi:  IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Network: WCDMA+GSM  wcdma (4+2)
  • Camera : Built-in 1.3M
  • G-Sensor : All gravity induction
  • OS: Google Android 4.0 , Support Flash 10.3
  • Battery: 3600mAH
  • Games: Supports all including 3D Games
  • Formats Support: Support MP3,WMA,MP2,OGG,AAC,M4A,MA4,FLAC,3GP,WAV,AVI(H.264, DIVX, XVID, rm, rmvb, MKV, WMV, MOV, MP4(H.264, MPEG, DIVX, XVID), MPEG, MPG, FLV. HD 1080P max
  • Video Output: HDMI Ver 1.4 Output (Support 3D Vision) 2160P HD
  • HDMI : HDMI standard mini port,support HDMI1.3, support full screen output to HDMI Devices
  • Speaker : Micro Phone Built-in stereo
  • Bluetooth: 4.0
  • SIM/USIM Card : Standard SIM/USIM card slot ( push-push card slot) (Supports all SIM CARDS)
  • USB: USB2.0
  • Accessories : Charger, USB cable
  • Size: 192 x 122 x 13 mm
  • Weight: 360g
  • Color : Black,White and Sliver

What’s more, as per their website they offer support as well as 1 year international replacement guarantee.

Currently, tablet with similar specs cost in vicinity of Rs. 15 to 20 thousand. Angelpad cost a mere Rs. 2200/-

For me, price of Angel pad is just too good to be true.

Currently it is not being sold in retail and they are accepting only bulk orders.

My personal opinion is that it is a fraud – Getting that kind of price for such high specification is impossible. It is probably just a channel to collect leads of people interested in low cost tablets. The reality might actually be entirely different.

Here is the Angelpad website. Have a look at it and let me know what you think?

  1. Devam singh says

    how i want to buy a tablet?

  2. anbu says

    I am booking 3 months ago angel pad.No response mail & site fake

  3. Kapil Methi says

    I want to buy this tablet please contact me….

  4. vinay says

    Sim card slot tab this is good

  5. ashish says

    i want buy a tablet with calling facility n full features

  6. pankaj says

    sir / mam I want to buy a tablet in india .

  7. Jitender says

    Realy sim card slot tablat this is good

  8. Arun Arjun says

    I would like to purchase what would be the procedure.

  9. HIren Patel says

    I want to purchase this tablate?
    how can i get it??

  10. Lyju says

    I want to buy please send to me demo version and three colours image to [email protected]

  11. teju says

    i want to buy please call me 8976641253
    mail: [email protected]

  12. Deepak Chauhan says

    Add a comment…

  13. Abhishek Das says

    its fake…the website is so down standard for a technology company…its a fake company luring people to send them money in advance…

  14. Pinky Dash says

    give me the company details & give the address of service centre at orissa.

    1. Maulik Adhav says

      tap this site for the order of angelpad

  15. Tulse says

    its really gud can i get it???

  16. Facility Management Services says

    If it is true it is going to affect the market of all the companies. This tablet has all the latest feature which one tablet has to be and I think its going to be great revolution in price of tablet now after mobile phones.

  17. Nikhil Bhagia says

    A friend’s friend had paid money for this angelpad thing. I had smelled something fishy then too.
    will let you know just in case he receives the tablet.

  18. TabletWorld India says

    This could be a scam. There is a incomplete address of Shenzhen, China on the website but the domain name of the site is registered in the name of one Richard Perry with a London address and the domain name was registered on 15-May-2012. Anybody ordering on this site must verify authenticity of the company… All tablets currently available in India are listed on our site

  19. Yash Gadhiya says

    Check this one out as well – It's a Pune based company and someone I trust tells me its genuine.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Yash…thanks for letting me know about these guys…being in Pune, I will have a chat with them. very interesting concept, and probably the need of the hour… I will put up something about them soon..

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