5 off-beat career choices that would change life for good!


It is that time of the year when students finish schooling and look at the various confusing career options. The most popular options being Engineering and medicine, there are some traditional streams in the arts, science, humanities and accountancy that students opt more out of not having much of a choice.

Times are changing and with globalization becoming all pervasive in India which is fast growing in the realm of International trade & commerce, a whole lot of new career options have come up. These are not even known to a major part of the student community. Here are a few off-beat options that can be very lucrative and interesting too.

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1) Career in Languages

Multinational companies require highly skilled language professionals for translation services and also to maintain diplomatic relations in the countries that they are present in. Although hiring local talent from Germany or Japan is an obvious option, relocating them to within the country, it has its own practical difficulties associated with it.

By making oneself proficient in a language like German or Japanese, one secures an interesting and an always on-demand position in MNCs.

2) Career as Lawyer

Engineering and Medicine have been the conventional professional courses. The number of private institutions is mushrooming but the case is not the same with law. There is a major shortage of professionals in law and this shortage is unfortunately on the rise.

The demand for professionals in law is exponentially increasing and the demand is further nurtured by the number of students not willing to take it up. It is not just the courts that help the lawyers earn their livelihood.

MNCs, Corporate, NGOs etc. hire lawyers and keep them in-house for various reasons like Intellectual Property violations, handling legal issues with the Government etc. It is certainly a lucrative career choice that offers immense opportunity to grow.

3) Career as an Economist

The Economic environment is very turbulent and the demand for graduates in economics is increasing not just in Governments but also in the private sector like banks, stock trading firms etc.

Despite promising a fat paycheck, it is a field that helps one carving a niche for oneself as their theories will shape entire economies. There are many Universities that offer professional degree courses in economics despite the low turnout for the courses.

4) Career in Design

For those students gifted with some creative abilities, design is an excellent choice. Design has different facets to it from textile, apparel, jewelry, building architecture, user experience etc.

The biggest qualification that one needs to pursue this career is the right mix of passion to create, out-of-the-box thinking and planned execution.

There are basic courses like Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Undergraduate level. Design professionals can also find jobs in IT companies where User Experience is a highly valued component and get paychecks equal to IT professionals for doing what they’re best at and they love doing.

5) Content Marketing Professionals / MARCOM

Brand building has become important for any industry and this is given rise to an increase in the demand for professionals that can help in positive branding. Content marketing helps in improving the online presence of a player in any business.

Similarly, MARCOM which is expanded as Marketing Communications is fast-growing. It required people with a passion to write, build relationships with people and have a flair for event management involving people. A technical background and perhaps an additional course in Business Communication which is offered by British Council and similar organizations help a long way in steering the career in this direction.

It is not just Engineering and Medicine that are professional courses anymore. There are many other options that are quite interesting and unconventional.

Choose smart & grow fast!

[About Author: Sai Sundhar Padmanabhan, a Business Analyst and a Classical vocalist from Chennai writes about Technology, Trends, Arts and social media which are his primary areas of interest.]

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