Pune Startup develops Saga, An Android based IPTV device!


A Pune startup, Nityaa Technosys Pvt. Ltd., has developed an Android based IPTV device that has power to convert you normal TV into a Smart Entertainment Platform.

One of the founders of Nityaa, Jitin Pillai, met me early last year and we had discussions on the idea of developing a Android based Smart TV device. At that time, I was taken aback by the kind of device they wanted to build. I thought it was quite ambitious for couple of young techies to put together this kind of device.

However, I got a call from Jitin couple of weeks back and was quite surprised to know that they were able to successfully develop Android based IPTV device. I went to their office and did a quick video demo of Saga and spoke to the founders.


What is Saga?

Saga is an Android based device that has ability to collate content over wifi from different devices (like mobile, laptop) and show it on any Television screen. It also connects to internet through Wifi and allows users to browse, watch videos and do any activity that one does on Internet. The device comes with a nifty portable keyboard, through which you can control all activities on Saga.

Essentially, Saga has been embedded with Android Operating System and custom applications have been developed to listen to music, watch videos, play games etc.

Check out the following video to know more Saga:

As I mentioned earlier, Saga is an ambitious project and is still under development. The founders are currently looking for investments to fund their next phase of development and marketing of Saga.

  1. Keeyo says

    This is what I like about android, anyone can share knowledge and do something innovative as Saga. Goodluck and more power to you sir!

  2. Tyrone Dsouza says

    Great Idea.. Lots of potential in India..

  3. Hitesh Ph says

    go Saga! :) cool stuff.

  4. Jitin Pillai says

    Thanks a lot for support & appreciation! For more news & updates about Saga follow our official fan page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nityaa-Labs/159462584130042.

  5. Rakesh Mali says

    Great Work Guys!

  6. Indraneel Pole says

    Agnimitra Pathak Jitin Pillai nice work.. :) :)

    1. Avadhoot Kulkarni says

      Go to google.com. Type saga tv nityaa. Enter.

  7. Indraneel Pole says

    Agnimitra Pathak Jitin Pillai nice work.. :) :)

  8. Rhea Joglekar says

    Good Stuff dude:)

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