Why Samsung Galaxy S3 will revolutionize Android’s battle for Supremacy?


Smart phone enthusiasts, journalists, geeks and gadget freaks spent the whole of yesterday night tweeting, blogging and sharing about just one event. The launch of Samsung Galaxy S3 on May 3rd, 2012 at 7pm, GMT was a momentous event in smartphone history. The phone was the most anticipated weapon from Samsung in their constant battle for smartphone supremacy against Apple.

Samsung has delivered a phenomenal upgrade to their successful Galaxy S2 smartphone although, in some aspects may have disappointed a few of those with lofted expectations. But undoubtedly, Samsung Galaxy S3 is set to revolutionize the way Android phones are perceived and even probably help them in the battle for supremacy against the Apple iPhone. Here’s a look at how.

samsung galaxy s3


No longer behind the iPhone

While there is no doubt that a large population of the world today use Android smartphones, more than any other Operating System, the devices by themselves have been regarded slightly below than an iPhone. The iPhone has always remained a premium device for the premium customer with some splendid hardware and software as well as the assurance that came with a stable OS.

There is no doubt that iPhone will continue to be a stalwart among smartphones and in spite of impressive launches by HTC and Samsung in the last month, there will always be folks who look forward to the next iPhone. The race however has become far too tight with competing models being launched at extremely short intervals with significant upgrades from competitors.

Android phones until now have relied on customizability of the phone’s user experience and its cheaper price to allure customers. Samsung Galaxy S3 will now move the Android to a new plane of existence; that of holistic user experience and supreme hardware (More on that below). Head to head with the iPhone or the premium Windows phone in the market, Samsung Galaxy S3 is a giant of a phone.

Its official, android phones are no longer second best.

The Holistic User Experience: Perfect amalgam of hardware and software

Samsung Galaxy S3 is the first Android to be the most powerful device on earth. The device oozes hardware and software superiority and what’s more, its more functional than the devices out in the market with little touches here and there to make the phone truly user oriented.

Android phones have in the past struggled to match the perfect amalgamation of mind blowing hardware specifications and brilliant software. The phone boasts of some truly remarkable features, such as Smart Stay, a feature that keeps the phone active while the user is still looking at it and goes to sleep when the user is not. While some have just been mere increments such as the Smart Alert that lets you know when you have missed calls, messages etc. by vibrating while you pick up the phone after a while or S-Beam which is essentially NFC sharing popular in most recent smartphones.

Most of the technologies in Samsung Galaxy S3 are not revolutionary; they are at best natural increments of the earlier version (faster processor, bigger screen, more sensors). However in a holistic perspective these changes have made for a completely new experience.

This is indeed a novel approach from Samsung, from the days of making bigger screens and faster hard drives and it will help Samsung win more hearts (mainstream user) than heads (geeks) in the coming years.

Convenient Pricing and the allure of premium value

As a user, you want a phone that is head over shoulders above competing smartphones and you need it at a price that is light on the wallet. You need something that’s personal and that gives you the feeling of satisfaction that doesn’t get out dated in 6 months’ time. Android Users have often been unhappy despite owning a top notch phone, as the specs often get out dated in less than 6 months.

Samsung Galaxy S3 was always going to be priced midway from the most premium Android and the Samsung Galaxy S2, the pricing of Rs 38000 makes this an extremely affordable and alluring smartphone for the premium customer. In case you aren’t a premium customer, you may still not mind getting one for an EMI plan with one of the many e-tailers or from an offline store.

The phone is undeniably a great Value for money for any customer. Brilliant hardware and some unique features and should ideally be in the purchasing schedule for most buyers for the next 6 months (until the launch of Apple iPhone). With over 10 million pre-orders, there is no doubt this phone will be the smartphone for the year 2012. Samsung Galaxy S3 should be a great purchase for any user and should keep you satisfied for a long time.

Olympics, Suspense and all that jazz

Samsung has already made marketing its forte’ among smartphone manufacturers. The company has outdone just about any recent brand launch with heightened suspense, those scrupulous leaks and constant denial. The aura of something big was already created much before the launch of Samsung Galaxy S3. The actual product had big shoes to fill, which it did more or less snugly.

Being associated with Olympics will propel the product to even greater heights. The official phone of the Olympics will be seen and admired by not just the 10 cities the phone is currently on tour to but over 167 countries around the world. 135 nations shall receive the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the next 2 months, a market that is only second to Nokia (150 countries).


Big things are expected in the next few months. Android phones are already set to dominate the world of smartphones in terms of sheer volume, through cheaper phones and higher number of manufacturers. Samsung Galaxy S3 isn’t about the sales volumes; it’s about breaking perceptions, about Android smartphone’s capability to be truly the best smartphone in the world.

Samsung Galaxy S3 will definitely be one of the top choices for smartphone fans all over the world in the coming months.

  1. jagdish says


  2. Pramod Garg says

    Nice Phone

  3. Swamy Pasham says

    I like to have samsung galaxu 3 & how moch cost.

  4. Basri Bin Darwis says

    I like to have samsung galaxu 3.

  5. Siva Sankararao says

    in the marketing world. most people are buying lastest technology phones.But lost cost and more products sale. each and every one one buying.so please convenent cost to all.

  6. Anil Panipat says

    38000 is too much monay for any smartfone….all other phones are also capable to do all tht things in much lower prices…..very shortly samsung will make it older with its new release…..so don't waste money.

  7. sitakanta says

    @Ajay and @Arun,

    What I wanted to say is that even though the price is high, premium users will not mind paying it and the availability of EMI options will ease the problem. On reading it again, realized that ended up conveying the opposite meaning.

    My mistake there….picked completely wrong adjectives.

  8. Raj Nandini says

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  9. ajay says

    I almost agreed with the article until I read this.

    “Samsung Galaxy S3 was always going to be priced midway from the most premium Android and the Samsung Galaxy S2, the pricing of Rs 38000 makes this an extremely affordable and alluring ”

    Now I feel as if this article is written as an advertisement for Samsung for creating hype.
    38000 Rs for a phone is no way way affordable to us Indians. This is one month of salray of an average IT professional in India.

    Who on this earth spends his months salary for a phone that is going to be outdated soon and wont even receive next update in spite of capability to do so.
    Samusng is known for deliberately blocking any update to sell new models, and I am victim of the same .

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Ajay, I tend to agree with you.
      Sitakanta… I think 38k is the upper end of smartphone segment. Tell me which other phone is more expensive than this apart from I guess iPhone… With iPhone though, lower versions are available cheaper…

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