Weekly Wrap-up: Airtel 4G Mi-fi, iPad 3 in India, RBI rate cut, 1 sec billing & more…


A quick look at the posts published last week on trak.in!


There is a new trend among top executives of India Companies & startups – They are giving Designer Designations, which are unique and probably describe their profile much better than traditional titles!

Airtel became the first company to launch 4G in India and to make it easier for Indian consumers to adopt it, they are launching a 4G Mi-Fi device that can be used with all wireless devices!

Infosys a bell-weather company as far as stock market goes and it has disappointed the streets this time due to lower profits, stiff competition from Cognizant among other things. They have also frozen the salary increments due to this!

Finally iPad 3 is coming to India on April 27th and it will be costing lower than expected. This 3rd generation of iconic device will be starting at Rs. 30.5k for the 16GB wifi variant!

The biggest news of last week was undoubtedly the interest rate cut by RBI. They surprised everybody with key policy rates being slashed by 50 basis points, higher than the analysts expected.

So which are the Indian brands which have been able to successfully engage users on Facebook? Here are the top 10 Indian brands on Facebook.

Maruti Suzuki went through a slight slump couple of years back, however, they have revived themselves and are now aggressively marketing themselves in lucrative rural markets of India.

Instamedia Network, which had got USD 4 million funding couple of years have now launched India-Centric content network!

Here is an interesting post on HTC’s branding gone wrong and few potential ways they could salvage the situation!

Amazon has joined the marketplace bandwagon – They have launched a AWS marketplace which makes it easier for consumers to put their business on cloud!

Last week, Gujarat got the honour of having the largest solar park in Asia – Hope other states take a cue from this!

Google+ SMS is now launched in nearly all major countries – The usage of Google+ is grow multifold, especially from countries like India due to this launch.

Here is an interesting report on why Indians prefer to buy smartphones – Mobile Apps is one of the major reasons why…

Although most telecom operators already have the per second billing plan – TRAI has now made it compulsory to ensure that in future consumer needs are taken care of…

And finally, the Funding, Mergers & Acquisition deals in India that happened last fortnight.

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