Top 5 sites to watch Union Budget Live on Web!


Today is the big day – Union Budget 2012-13 will be announced today starting in about an hours time. You are lucky if you have access to TV through the day, however it is difficult for a working professional to have access to Television to get all important Budget news.

However, it is now becoming common-place to beam important events live on the web. Many are doing it including, but not limited to every TV news channels. But all are not equal, while some are good some are extremely bad at live coverage. Either the streaming quality is not good or there are far too many Ads.

We present you Top 5 best websites to watch the Union Budget coverage live 

Rajya Sabha TV

From based on what we have analyzed, state owned Rajya Sabha TV’s Youtube Channel is the best place to watch the Union Budget coverage live. There are absolutely no ads and they have team of 5 former and present politicians analyzing the Budget through the day. And being on Youtube infrastructure, there is absolutely no issues about streaming the content live – They are obviously best in the business!


MoneyControl MYTV

MoneyControl TV essentially shows CNBC TV18 feed live. The reason, I say this is good because their infrastructure is better than others and coverage did not stutter when we carried out our tests even on low speeds. So if you have a moderate speed internet connection, and don’t have access to Youtube, go for MoneyControl MYTV


National Informatics Center Union Budget Live Webcast

Government themselves are beaming the Union Budget live on their NIC Infrastructure. Although, I cannot vouch for how good their streaming quality and speed would be – I can surely say that you can watch the whole drama live without a single interruption. You will love it especially if you hate analysts trying add their intelligence and want to see the coverage raw!


If you are difficulty having access to all the above 3, here are 2 good alternatives that you can switch to:

  1. Rahul says

    I think youtube is going too far to spread its reach. I can understand that YouTube is looking for something that generates revenue and bring on the insane traffic. Just imagine how would it be…all ladies in the home sticks their eye balls on PC screen to see those pathetic TV serials.

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