10 Tips for Indian Businesses to help close an International Sale


Businesses in India are doing increasingly more and more business with international companies. There are a variety of tips that Indian companies can use to help close an international sale.


Here are 10 tips to help close your company’s next international deal:


1. Identify Benefits

Indian businesses must overcome the cultural divide when hoping to close an international sale. Different cultures see different benefits with different products, so your salespeople should do research ahead of time and pitch the benefits that each particular company would receive from your product. This will help your company stand out above other businesses in India, especially when the transaction is taking place in a hotel.

2. Identify Needs

While doing research on another culture and business practices in that culture, be sure to identify that culture’s business needs. This will let the clients know that you understand them, despite international differences, and will ultimately help you close the sale. Furthermore, it may lead to additional business opportunities for both companies in the future. This is an important stepping stone in building a long-lasting business relationship.

3. Modify Approach

Another important tip in helping to close a business meeting sale taking place in India is to modify the sales approach. Each culture understands and is used to a different type of sales approach. Use the approach that the clients are most familiar with in order to make them feel the most comfortable. This will help your salesmen complete their sale at the end of the meeting. When on your hotel search, be sure to find cheap hotels that will have adequate space and amenities for your international sale and will also make the client feel the most comfortable.

4. Modify Timing

In order to gain the most trust and credibility during an international business sales meeting, Indian businesses should find hotels that will best fit the timing that is preferred and expected by the other culture. Different cultures like to handle sales meetings differently. United States businesses prefer to have shorter, straight to the point meetings, whereas other cultures might prefer to spend significant time getting to know one another beforehand.

5. Adjust Expectations

Indian businesspeople should always be prepared to adjust expectations throughout the sales meeting. This is one of the most crucial points in ensuring a successful international business sale. Throughout the process, remain open-minded and alert to changing expectations. Be sure to understand where the other business is coming from, and adjust your own expectations accordingly.

6. Clarify Key Points

During the international business sale meeting, be sure to continue to clarify the key points of your sales pitch. These points are a constant reminder to the clients of why they are there and why they should continue to listen to your pitch. Reiterating the key points will help the other business, which is likely from another culture, understand your product better. When looking at India hotels or cheap hotels abroad, see if their business meeting space provides adequate technology to clarify key points.

7. Match Products

When doing business with a company from another country, be sure to match your best products with the company’s particular needs. Know the clients’ business as well as cultural needs, and help them to understand why this is the best product for them. Businesses will notice and appreciate the time and research you put into this international sale.

8. Reach Final Agreement

When doing your hotel search, be sure to find hotels with appropriate meeting space to reach a final agreement. After all the negotiations are complete for the international sale, be sure to get a final agreement in writing that both parties adequately understand. Research cultural differences in formally closing a sale, and be sure to make the visiting business feel welcome and at home.

9. Refute Objections

Sometimes, in the closing of a deal, international clients will come up with objections to the product right before the sale closes. Be prepared for this step, and confidently explain to them the many benefits your product has for their company.

10. Close with Action

Once the business deal is formally closed, be sure to give the company a rundown of what the next steps will be. Depending on the culture of the other business, you may do this in writing or verbally. Always leave the sales meeting with doors still open to future transactions.

Closing a business sale is never an easy task, especially when the deal takes place internationally. For Indian businesses, research and time are the two key elements that will help businesspeople close a sale with international companies from all over the world. These companies will appreciate the expert knowledge and respect that you show not only to their businesses, but also to their cultures and traditions.

[This guest post article was written and provided by freelance writer, online business consultant for Expedia and avid India traveler, Erica Gustafson.]

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