8GB iPhone 4 to cost Indians Rs. 37,900…ridiculous!


If iPhone 4S wasn’t a shock enough wait till you hear this. No not the HTC Sensation Xl’s 39K price tag but this comes from our beloved half bitten fruit itself. Apple has chosen to reduce the memory on the iPhone 4 to 8GB and chosen to increase the price to Rs. 37900. 8 GB iPhone 4 now costs Rs. 36500. We used to get a 16 GB version for Rs. 34,500. By that standard, iPhone 4S doesn’t look all that expensive.

Apple is listing the 8GB version on Apple India website. The price is as reported by ET and I have checked with an Apple retailer and the stocks are not in yet but the price is supposed to be around 30K. Well, 38K is not around 30K and we might get a better picture in the coming days.


I’m in the “Apple doesn’t give a shit about India and you shouldn’t give a shit about Apple either crowd”. But this price rise is just incongruous. I acknowledge that Indian rupee is a mess right now but that doesn’t justify raising the price of a product by actually reducing the specifications on it.

Oh! Apple you fooled us all. If I have to quote my favorite American president George W. Bush :

fool me once, shame on — [pauses] — shame on you. Fool me — [pauses] — You can’t get fooled again.

We are sorry folks if we have raised your hopes about a cheaper 8GB iPhone 4. This is just how life is. No wait, this is just how Apple is. May be we should buy some real Apples instead, that would at least keep the doctor away.

R.I.P Apple. Until we get to some friendly terms. What’s next? Android? I heard they are getting expensive too. Time for a bit of Nokia?

[This post has been reproduced from our sister blog the gadget fan for benefit of trak.in readers]

  1. sheetal says

    This sound like Apple it self is not interested in Indian Market. And Android will really take advantage of this. As we all see these days Android phones are really penetrating Indian Market and for sure going to leave Apple market behind.

  2. Child Tracker says

    This is really ridiculous. No one here is going to pay so much for just 8 GB memory. Better they can go for Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy S2.

  3. Sushil says

    Sounds like sour grapes. I have a 4S and man, is it a sweet piece of technology. I love it, I love Apple.

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