Top 5 handsomely paying careers to in India


Your search for top paying jobs in India ends right here. If you’re studying in any of the courses below, you have a better chance of earning those big bucks. Read on to know about some of the best paying jobs in India.


Best Paying Jobs in India


Careers in Management

No surprises here! Management careers involve some of the top most paying jobs in India at the moment. Thanks to the boom in the corporate sector, students from some of the best institutions in India can expect salaries in upwards of Rs. 7 lakh per annum.

Sky is the limit for management graduates because corporates are known to pay astronomical figures for top brass management executives who guard the company’s secrets and safeguard its interest.

Careers in Software Engineering

IT has faced many ups and downs since the late 90’s but it has never gone out of vogue. Typical entry level positions can progress into team leaders or project managers which can then bloom into higher executive roles.

The fact that all multi-national IT companies like Google have set up base in India is driving this sector as the one offering the highest paying jobs in India. Entry level software engineers or programmers’ salaries may start from 5 to 7 lakh per annum but can grow further if you can progress up the ladder quickly.

Careers in Aviation

Long known as one of the best paying jobs in India, the aviation industry has gone through a major facelift. Record number of flights, record number of passengers and many low budget airlines are helping the industry grow bigger.

To be in the best paying career in India, you’d need to be a Pilot or a Flight Engineer. Of course there are other avenues too, but these two are the top paying jobs in this industry.

Careers in Chartered Accountancy

No longer is a chartered accountants’ career limited to sitting in a local CA’s office and number crunching day in and out. The corporate sector, financial sector and the banking sector is in dire need of number crunching wizards who can add value to their organizations.

Chartered accountants are actively involved in financial forecast, strategy and development and supervising other finance personnel who can defend the financial actions of the company. But be prepared to rough out more than 5 years of your life to clear the CA exams, which are considered to be one of the toughest to clear in the country!

Careers in Medicine

It really doesn’t matter if the economy is booming or not if you are a doctor. Regardless of economic conditions, people are going to need medical help. When we say that a career in medicine is the highest paying job in India, we relate to a high degree of specialization.

Don’t expect to earn those big bucks unless you create a niche in terms of specialization or have a massive following in your local area as a doctor. Salary figures vary depending on whether you work in a private clinic, private hospital, government hospital or start you own practice.

If you are not in one of the highest paying careers in India that we have mentioned above, we surely don’t see any point in the slightest of dejection. If you excel at what you do, the big bucks will come naturally.

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  2. Aniket Singh says

    What about career with automobile giants like BMW, Audi etc after finishing MBA from Marketing?
    Or what would be the best way to earn handsome salary after finishing MBA from Marketing from one of the top collage?

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  4. Career Guidance says

    I truly believe that the career with the most scope and best salaries is the one which you will enjoy the most. Because only then would you be able to go higher in your career path. If software engineering wasa good career, than every software engineer graduate would have jobs (not talking about high paying ones, any job would do)

  5. Career Counseling says

    I am of opinion that don’t select the career only on the basis that it would pay you high salary, it is very important to select the job that you ideally would love to do. So, opt for career which really interests you as you would definitely give your best shot there. Go for proper Career Counseling before selecting your career.

  6. christo says

    now a day’s Careers in Software Engineering in go down in india…………

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