Love travelling? Then these 5 jobs are best for you…


We all have a travelling bug inside us. But how many of actually get to do it? Very few, we suppose.

Here are 5 jobs that will help you travel the world, for free!



Wildlife Photographer

Haven’t you seen those fascinating documentaries about lives of the wildlife photographers of National Geographic and Discovery Channel? They get to spend days, weeks and even months travelling in the most godforsaken places on the earth. From the jungles of the Amazon to the plains of the Africa Desert, you will see it all. If you are already pursuing photography as a career, explore this career path for maximum travelling and maximum adventure!

International News Correspondent

All news channels require their correspondents and reporters to be in various parts of the world to update us on international happenings and events. If you think you have what it takes to be a great news reporter, this may be the perfect job for you.

Become an English Teacher

What many of us don’t know that there is a huge requirement of English teachers in many non-English speaking countries of the world. But let us warn you, this may not be a very glamorous job as you will probably be working with not-for-profit agencies or government bodies. You may not have the comforts of an urban downtown, but you will get to interact with people of different cultures around the world.

Become a Pilot for an international airline

Do we really need to explain this to you? If you are a science graduate, enrol in flight school courses if you meet their minimum requirement criteria. What better way to travel the world? Not only you will get to globetrot, you will do it in style by staying in some of the best hotels. How exciting is that?

Be an airhostess for an international airline

Are you less academically inclined? Do you feel like pursuing a non-traditional stream of education and career? Do you think you have the physical attributes of being a great airhostess? If you think you do, becoming an airhostess is a great profession. For starters, you will have a great pay package. Second, you will get to travel the world. Third, you will stay at the best places. And four, this is a super glamorous job! What are you waiting for?

These 5 jobs may be considered to be non-traditional lines of work but in no way are they less satisfying or less rewarding. If your passion and heart lie in any of these jobs, start filling out application forms today.

  1. Mithun Biswas says

    I love travelling & want to see the world before die… done & have 3yrs of tourism industry experience…plz suggest me I want to work with fox travel channel or tlc

  2. vibha says

    hi can you lease suggest me on he job openings for an english teacher?

  3. manisankar says

    i would like to work and travell arround world plz suggest me

  4. Ajay Singh says

    jai ho

  5. Tayem Sapna says

    International news Correspondent or airhostess.

  6. Ailapuram Mbs says

    International News Correspondent,, will be the best,,

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