Is Studying Abroad Really Worth it?


‘Brain drain’ is nothing new for India, as many of its bright students go overseas to study, and find work there. Allow us to tell you that it is now a thing of the past.

India is now home of many multinationals and thriving corporate houses. So does studying abroad really worth it? Does it make any sense to spend the big bucks for an overseas education? Let’s find out with these 5 questions.

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Study in India vs Study Abroad: Are you ready to work while you study?

Unless your parents are super-rich, you will have to work and take up part-time jobs to meet your expenses or even your university fees. If you’re thinking that’s going to be easy, think again. Are you really prepared to work as a cleaner or a retail shop attendant while you’re studying?

Don’t misunderstand us. We think that it’s a great idea to take up these part time jobs, but the question is, are you cut out to work while you study?

Study in India vs Study Abroad: Away from home

Needless to say guys, you will have to cook your own food, do your dishes, wash your clothes, clean your house, manage utility bills, manage all the banking and get your act together, big time. Are you ready to take the plunge?

Study in India vs Study Abroad: Are you ready to be away from friends and family?

Being away from friends and family can make you feel very homesick at times. If you are the person who likes to be in company of friends and family all the time, we suggest that you give your decision to study abroad another thought.

4) Study in India vs Study Abroad: Can you (your parents) really afford it?

Studying abroad is not cheap. That is no surprise! Are you pushing your parent’s finances to the brink by being adamant about your plans of studying abroad? Besides the heavy blow of the university fees, you’ll have day to day expenses, food bills, utility bills and much more. Even that restaurant meal you’d always loved back home will feel like a luxury when you’re abroad.

5) Study in India vs Study Abroad: What are you going there for?

We think that there are three types of students who go abroad to study.

One, who only want to study and come back home. This lot will usually prefer to study in reputed universities (which have higher fees).

Second, who want study, work for a couple of years and then come back. This lot will want to study in reputed universities and will want to enroll in a course that will allow them to work for a few years from a visa and immigration point of view.

Three, who want to settle abroad permanently. This lot will not mind studying in a university which has an average or below average reputation. Their main goal is to enrol in a course that will be a gateway to their immigration dreams.

Which one are you?

We hope that these questions and thought allow you to better understand the repercussions of going abroad to study. Plan your decision well so you have no regrets about the education and the career path you take in life.

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  1. Amar says

    First of all in your article you keep on repeating the same points over and over again and are making 2 arguments not 5
    Staying away from home has a lot more merits than disadvantages. You get to see the world and learn to be independent. Yes, you have to do many chores but they are a part of taking responsibility for yourself. You cannot expect someone else (like your mom) to always cook for you and if you do then too bad.
    The quality of education is much higher in foreign universities. The quality of life in India is also comparatively lower.
    There are many scholarships offered to students. And studying and getting one of these scholarships is much easier then trying to get a seat in a good university in India through merit.

  2. study abroad says

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  3. InvestorNRI says

    Well – most students actually choose to study abroad as its seen as a stepping-stone towards working abroad. In most countries it’s easier to work after you have studied and earned a degree in that country.
    That said, studying abroad is an experience worth having. I enjoyed my 2 years of studying in the US. Despite – as you put it working at the same time and doing your own chores (In fact its part of the experience) and I made some of my closest friends while there.

  4. Huzzein Al Che says

    Whether it is home or away college, is it worth to pay so much to get a piece of paper (so called certificate) which never guarantee any kind of of job or steady income , then why should we spend so much money for that worthless paper , the current education system is standing for the Professional colleges not for the students, the colleges get rich and the student get poor and die poor………. and taking an educational loan is the biggest foolishness anyone ever do in their life……………and in this global economic turmoil and recession , don't just dream that there are jobs awaiting you to pass out…….. I prefer not to go for such course and waste money and life.

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