How our Communication has changed over time [Infographic]


Few days back, we featured a Infographic demonstrating how technology has changed what we carry with us in our backpacks. Similarly, how we communicate has also changed drastically in recent times due to technology advancements.

However, most of the human communication advancements have come about in last 150 years, especially after Alexander Graham Bell invented first telephone in 1867! Have you ever given a thought as to how very early human beings communicated with each other.

The following infographic – The Future of Communication – released by Atlassian depicts beautifully how our communication has progressed through early ages and important milestones in the way we communicate. Take a look!

Communication Through Ages


Hope you enjoyed this infographic!

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  1. monika says

    the morse code is not clear please send it

  2. James Greg says

    Really great information and the chart is greatly built. No doubt methods of communication have changed at an alarming speed and still it is being upgraded.

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