Weekly Wrap-up: Mobile Tariff hikes, patents, Mozilla Mobile OS, Ecommerce space, Flipkart valuation, OLPC, $35 MHRD tablet & more…


It has been a happening last week -  Lets take a look at some of the buzzing stories of the week!

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The Youngistan of India are fascinated by branded clothing and they will spend loads of money on known brand apparels!

Gaming has taken a completely new avatar over last few years – Over the years it has grown from being just an entertainment to something much more…

Now, this is a first! Bharti Airtel has announced that it will be increasing its mobile call rates by as much as 20% due to margin pressures. I am glad that Bharti has set a precedent. Because charging higher so that it can service people better is always a good move!

Patents have its own advantages, and it definitely helps to ensure that a invention is not robbed by someone else other than the rightful owner. However, Do software patents throttle innovation ?

Many companies do use Social Media as a part of their marketing and customer support departments – But there is a big question over who takes the ownership of Social Media in Customer Support department?

And here is something that should make Android sit up and take notice – Mozilla Foundation is launching its own Open Source Mobile Operating System called “Boot to Gecko”

There were 2 big news in Indian Ecommerce space last week – Both news are a sign that shows how online shopping is going main-stream! The first news is that Global Ecommerce giant, Amazon, is coming to India and second, Flipkart has gone on to become India’s first Internet Billion Dollar company!

The lesser it is talked about Air India, the better it is – Air India can actually be termed as the living dead PSU of India!

We had 2nd part of the Financial Sector Reforms series – Why the Traditional Endowment Plan needs to go!

Unlike, call rates Mobile data charges are not cheap in India – Here is an infographic that explains the Mobile Internet costs across the world!

And there you have it again – Now, BSNL website gets hacked by Pakistan Cyber Army!

OLPC’s India head Mr. Satish Jha has put up a Open Letter in ToI asking “Where is $35 tablet Mr. Sibal” and it seems like we had a anonymous post submission to that which we published earlier this week!

It looks like Microsoft is attacking Google exactly where it hurts – User Privacy and Google Ads !

And if you have missed funding deals of the week – Here is a quick recap!

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The Gadget Fan1 Weekly Wrap up: Google+ business, OS wars,  Car Leasing, Startup Rockstars & more...

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