Microsoft gets real nasty on Gmail – attacks user privacy!


Now, what have we got here – Open attack by Microsoft on Gmail user privacy issues and email advertising.


In a Video ad designed for advertising their recently launched cloud server -  Microsoft Office 365 specifically attacks the Adsense ads that Google places in Gmail, for which it uses keywords from users mail and contextually shows the advertisements.

Take a look at this Video and you will know what I am talking about !

Microsoft Office 365 – Gmail Man Video


We are going to witness some interesting times ahead – I am sure we will soon see some kind of response from Google on this. There are also much bigger wars later in the offing !

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  1. Bhasker Raj says

    Microsoft is desperately trying to save itself from the competition offered by Google.

    It has to learn a lot of business tactics from Google before attacking.

  2. Paramdeep S Saini says

    How desperate can Microsoft get?

  3. MihirNaik.Com says

    This is really weird way of advertising their product by accusing competitors product ! I am agree that Gmail should not go through the keyword but after all its business. No would be ready to pay some bucks and use ads free gmail or hotmail. And if anyone will pay, there is no guarantee that Google or Microsoft will not use your information. :(

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