Interesting statistics on Google Plus!


The recently launched social network by Google- Google Plus seems to have the right notes from day one. No doubt that there is a section that does not share the same enthusiasm for the social network as others but I personally like what I see so far (I am sure Arun will agree and he seems to be in love in Google Plus from day one). It is going to only get interesting as Google Plus opens up for businesses.

Like every other Google product, Google Plus is still not open to all and only phased rollouts are happening. That has not stopped the social network to notch up enviable numbers. Google Plus recently crossed 10 million users and the user base is only increasing by the day.

A new analytics site has come out with some interesting usage stats on Google+ based on their data collection of over 4.5 Mn profiles. Apart from other things, country representation is what is very interesting.

Indian ranks at number 2 in the number of Google Plus users so far with 142,339 users (18%)!


Top 10 Countries Represented On Google+

Google Plus Users



United States 433,545
India 142,339
Brazil 41,605
United Kingdom 38,917
Canada 29,490
Germany 26,494
France 22,613*
China 20,776
Spain 19,730
Taiwan 19,280

The country representation does not come across as a surprise really and pretty much resonates with the trend on another social networks. United States is the obvious leader and India, Brazil have always shown high usage for social networking. I am only wondering if Google+ has been rolling out in a phased manner based on regions as well. If that is indeed the case, it will interesting to see how the country representation changes when Google+ rolls out to everyone.

Male Population Dominates Google+


No surprises here too. One of the arguments against Google+ has been that mostly males with a technical bend of mind have flocked Google+ for now and they are the ones accounting for most activity. To a certain extent, I agree as the whole process of creating circles and selective sharing can be a little tricky for a lot of people.

Top 10 Occupations On Google+

Occupation Percentage
Engineer 29%
Developer 17%
Designer 14%
Software Engineer 12%
Web Developer 5%
Writer 5%
Software Developer 5%
Programmer 5%
Photographer 4%
Teacher 15%

Techies are no doubt steering the initial growth of Google+. Early adoption for a lot of networks comes from people working in the technology industry and with India has the second most users on Google+ (We have lots of software engineers, don’t we Smile ). The compilation seems to be done based on the information in the ‘About’ tab because a lot of categories can be clubbed into one even though that wont change the mix of technology folks leading the Google+ bandwagon.

Top 10 Companies Represented By Google+ Users

Company No. of People
Google 9704
Self-Employed 6949
IBM 5081
Infosys 3989
Accenture 3792
Tata Consultancy Services 3620
Freelance 2009
Microsoft 2856
Apple 2482
Cognizant Technology Solutions 2417


The numbers are not a lot to draw any meaningful insights but good to see Infosys, TCS with high numbers there. Gmail being a ubiquitous mailing system could be a huge reason why many would be driven to sign-up on the network.

Going by the representation of technology companies, I wondering if Google+ can become the Enterprise Social Network. Since a lot of employees would already be acquainted with Google+ with their personal accounts, the inertia to adopt it for collaboration at work place should come easy.

It is still early days and more statistics will emerge as Google+ usage increases with time. One thing is sure, the growth is stupendous even though it is currently dominated by technology folks for now.

What do you think is the future of Google Plus? Any chance it can dethrone Facebook?

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  6. kirsty says

    Interesting article. Many words have been expended covering user demographics on Google Plus, mostly regarding whether or not the newborn social network is dominated by men. We created a visualization detailing the demographics of a sample of the userbase – you can access it here:

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Thanks Kirsty… I have put up a quick article featuring your infographic..!

  7. Qu?ng Cáo ? says

    I found a google statistics site that provides many search option.
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  8. Dibyasundar Nayak says

    But the real story is depicted by the 'Top 10 occupation on G+".

  9. Rachit Jain says

    I the one from IBM :)

  10. Mobile Locator says

    Google plus has some different features than the others but others are also ready with the new features. In the future, we will witness some new and interesting features for the users. So at last users will win.

  11. Damdin Serdaram says

    good statistics.

  12. Paras Johar says

    The 2nd million has already been added the last week.

  13. Prasant Naidu says

    Great stats really shows how people wanted something new breaking the monopoly. As a user I am happy to have more choices :)

  14. Arun Prabhudesai says

    The most surprising statistic for me is such a high adoption of people from Infosys, TCS and Indian software companies… Google Plus looks like it is going to be a hit in India…what say?

    1. Yogesh Satpute says

      Well, i was into IT and now a freelancer. G+ ranks at no. 2 in India in mid year 2012 with over 12M users. Facebook crossed 50M and linkedin had a milestone of 15M. By those figures, G+was not a big hit.
      However, considering the worldwide ranking of no. of G+ users in a city, Bangalore notches the top spot. That may be a brownie point for google….

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