Imminent OS war: Microsoft vs Google!


Just after seeing the start of a major battle in the Social Networking sphere, we should be bracing ourselves for yet another battle to be fought soon i.e. the battle for domination in Operating System space. And this shall be fought between two heavyweights i.e. Microsoft and Google.



Early Signs?

With first Chromebooks arriving in the market on 15th June 2011, Google Chrome OS has already made its start. Although preliminary in functionality, it doesn’t have a bad start in terms of sales till now.

Microsoft has also declared its plans of launching Windows 8 OS in later half of 2012. Windows 8 will be coming with two versions, one for desktop machines and another for tablets.

Why Google is entering OS segment?

This is one question that many are asking, with such a strong presence already in Web-services and Mobile, why does Google want to venture into traditional OS market rather than strengthening its existing services?

Answer lies in Microsoft’s huge investments in Bing (rival search engine) and increasing partnerships with Google’s other competitors like Facebook and Yahoo. The very idea that Microsoft can come with a Windows version that is well integrated with services like Bing & Facebook, hence eroding sizeable user-base from Google’s web-services, is threatening enough for Google.

Windows 8

Microsoft’s Strategy

Microsoft is enhancing Windows OS with Windows 8, but it doesn’t want to just stick with a defensive strategy. It also plans to take the war at the enemy’s ground by launching a touch-screen version of Windows 8 which would compete with iPad & Android tablets.

Microsoft has also started to appreciate the importance of cloud-computing in business document sharing, and hence already launched products like Office 365 & that are directly competing with Google Docs.


Google’s Strategy

With Chromebooks, Google will be initially trying to increase the market share among Netbook user-base. It’s a user base which predominantly spends its entire time on the internet through email/social-networking/games etc.

But Google also understands that to really dominate OS space, it needs to do more than that. Therefore it is constantly investing in tools like Google Docs, technologies like Html 5/JavaScript and fast rendering browser like Chrome, thus trying to bring more and more processing towards browser end.

Google will also be relying on upsurge of cloud-computing so as to downgrade the relevance of native apps running on windows machines.


Microsoft has undeniable advantage of being an existing big player in OS domain, but their virtual inexistence in Mobile/Tablet domain is hurting them. How fast and effectively they build their cloud solutions as well as how well they customize the Windows OS with internet is going to be crucial.

With Google, it remains to be seen how strongly they bring the application ecosystem closer to browser and cloud computing side. Also, how effectively they are able to convince consumers about their rival solutions to Microsoft Office.

Will Microsoft rise to competition and show the world that they are still the king in OS domain? Or Google will replicate its success in Internet with OS as well? We will have our answers in coming years.

War is just about to begin!

  1. President Universe says

    the winner of os war is : ……. G O O G L E … A N D R O I D … ^.^

  2. Aniket Barve says

    Nice article! keep blogging

  3. Julius Fernandes says

    Good one, being in this vertical, we have to understand where this is all going to lead to;how fast people are going to welcome chromebooks given the fact that you also need to be connected with good connectivity.
    Having said that, hardware vendors will have their share in the battle as well.

  4. Naren Karthik says

    Perfect competition is required for growth…

  5. Naren says

    Perfect competition is required for growth…

  6. Rhea Mehta says

    Google's ultra high speed broadband of 1 Gbps in Kansas is perhaps an attempt towards building strong IT infrastructure to primarily support its Operating System!

  7. Garima Dadhich says

    very informative article…specially when someone doesn't have good technical knowledge..lets see who wins!

  8. Saurabh Awasthi says

    The internet giant is set to present a serious threat in social and Web/PC OS space through Google+ and Chrome OS. From any standards, it's a herculean task to challenge Facebook and Microsoft, leaders by huge margins in their respective categories. Had it been any other player people wouldn't have cared, but no one can afford to ignore Google. With stupendous user base of Facebook and deep pockets of Microsoft coming together, it is going to be all the more interesting war to watch. Given the unique strengths of the biggies in their areas, it may take years before we can get any close to seeing a standout winner.

  9. Sandeep Pathak says

    well written article! I agree with anurag, competition is plus-plus for the whole world :)

  10. Anurag Nigam says

    Standout winner will be us, the consumers.

  11. Rhea Mehta says

    Interesting Article! I was jus going to buy a Mac air bt now thinking abt a Samsung chromebook instead.
    Its going to be awsome without needing to get any anti-virus software or backing up my data or worry abt wht version of software I'm running or any sort of malware threat!

  12. Avijit Singh says

    rightly said…it will be interesting to see who is going to win….

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