Chromebook – “Nothing but web” device by Google at $20 per month!


Can this be a revolution of sorts ? In the on-going Google I/O conference, something very interesting was unveiled by Google – A device called a  Chromebook (Google does not prefer calling it a notebook, laptop etc..)!

What is Chromebook ?

Chromebook is essentially a mobile device with only Chrome browser as the OS – Thats all! – There is nothing to it more than that. Everything on this device is web – There is no separate hard-disk on this device. Anything and everything is saved on the Web and it is “Always On” the web.

What does this mean ? It means all your stuff will be done on the web and without Internet connectivity this device does not have much in it!

Google Chromebook

Here is what Google has to say about Chromebook! [see it !]


Google Chromebook Hardware

Google has forged a partnership with Samsung and Acer to provide hardware for Chromebook. It has comfortable full-sized keyboard, has a large display and clickable track pad, all-day battery life, is light weight, and has built-in ability to connect to Wi-Fi and mobile broadband networks.


[Image source – Techcrunch]

Chromebook Specifications

  • 12.1″ (1280×800) 300 nit Display
  • 3.26 lbs / 1.48 kg
  • 8.5 hours of continuous usage 1
  • Intel® AtomTM Dual-Core Processor
  • Built in dual-band Wi-Fi and World-mode 3G (optional)
  • HD Webcam with noise cancelling microphone
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports
  • 4-in-1 memory card slot
  • Mini-VGA port
  • Full-size Chrome keyboard
  • Oversize fully-clickable trackpad

Google Chromebook Features

Connectivity: Chromebook has a built-in Wi-Fi and 3G, so as soon it boots up, it immediately connects to your wireless network or Mobile Network (via 3G) so you’re on the web right from the start.

Applications: With Google Chrome Web store you can install hundreds and thousands of applications – They work like browser extensions. From Productivity tools, to design tools to games everything is available to be installed


Storage: As you are connected to web all the time all your apps, documents, and settings are stored in the cloud. So even if you lose your computer, you can just log in to another Chromebook and get right back to work.

Google Chromebook Availability

India is not going to get Google Chromebook right away – On June 15th, Chromebook will be launched in 7 countries – U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Spain. In the US, it will be available at Amazon as well as Best Buy! For other countries, Google has just said that they will soon be launching in other countries as well!

Google Chromebook Pricing

This is the most interesting part – Google announced today at the I/O conference that it will be offering Chromebooks at Monthly Subscriptions to students and Businesses at $20 and $28 respectively ! And this monthly subscription includes the hardware, operating system, updates and cloud-based management – plus complete support directly from Google.

This is really an interesting announcement by Google – I am not sure how many will really go for this “web only device”, But at $20 per month it looks really ideal for students!

What do you think ?

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    How can this be any good? 20$ pm is close to Rs. 1000/-. I m sure u can get a full fledged Netbook for an EMI of Rs. 1000/-, which can be used for offline use also.
    & internet connectivity cost is altogether a different thing!
    What say?

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