Tata Motors turns Jaguar – Land Rover fortunes into Gold!


The Jaguar Land Rover Deal by Tata Motors was one of the most talked about mega acquisition by any Indian Company – You could literally term JLR as a sick unit when it was bought out by Tata Motors in 2007 – Both these iconic brands were making heavy losses under the previous Ford Management.

When Tata took over these brands – many experts believed that it was not a right move for Tata Motors (some of their other acquisitions were also termed wrong). The stock markets also did not like the deal, and it showed heavily on Tata Motors share prices.


To start-off, these brands were super luxury car brands and with their major markets being America & European countries. Tata Motors on the other hand could not really be termed as Global brand with majority of their revenues coming from India alone when they acquired JLR 3 years back.

Tata Motors JLR Turnaround

However, Tata Motors have proved all their detractors wrong and have turned the Jaguar, Land Rover fortunes into gold, that too in 3 short years! As a country we should be proud of what Tata Motors has achieved to do!

Infact, in 2009, Tata Motors suffered an annual loss of over half a Billion dollars due to slump in Land Rover & Jaguar sales – It really looked like Tata Motors had put a foot wrong with JLR deal.

Last week Tata Motors announced its annual numbers and it revealed that more than 80 percent or $1.7 billion of its bumper $2.04 billion annual profits came from the JLR unit alone.

When Tata Motors took over in 2007, Jaguar had annual sales figures of 15,700 cars and Land Rover had sold just under 50,000 cars. In just 3 short years, Tata Motors has managed to sell a whooping 244,000 Jaguar & Land Rover cars globaly!

Tata Motors have managed to do this in spite most of the European countries, which are JLR’s major markets, still struggling under recession.

With this turnaround Tata Motors have proved that they are more adaptable to the demands of dynamic global automobile market and now stand tall amongst their global competitors!

What do you think about this JLR turnaround ?

  1. Kailash Reddy says

    the tatas really took a lot of risk despite the market turn down..they invested billions of dollars on new products…every year they replaced a model and they succeeded…this shows long term plans should not be abandoned taking the present scenario into consideration….kudos tata…

  2. Joy Senior Bong says

    Itz a grt newz n a grt ting to feel proud.

  3. Ashwini Singhal says

    I like it and feel proud.

  4. Vijay Malushte says

    I much like JAGUAR & RANG ROVER.

  5. Rohit Agrawal says

    I realy do respect tata motors 4 such achievments.

  6. Shardul Ashok Ghugari says

    Truly a commendable achievement by TATA, but they must do some PR and media activities to improve their global image.

  7. siva sankar says

    The increase in sales especially in india and china helped them gain this advantage. The recent announcement regarding the opening of the JLR’s assembly plant in pune and the plan to manufacture 4cylinder engines in india points towards an expansion skewed towards those developing markets like India,china,brazil etc.The doubling of dealership networks across the India and other developing markets and plans for newer models in line with the consumer trends in such countries provides a hint of JLRs game plan.
    I feel optimistic about Tata’s optimism.

  8. Vkenneth Singh says

    Indeed TATA is one company I look towards with lots of respect and admiration.

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