Go GREEN Kids: An innovative effort to save our environment!


Editor’s Note: This article is published by not-for-profit organization Green Yatra. We at trak.in believe that adopting Green initiatives is the only way by which we can sustain our natural environment for future generations. This article talks about how even kids can be part of the movement and make a big difference.

Nowadays, everyone is talking about Going Green and saving our natural environment, but in the battle to save energy, kid’s contributions is often overlooked and taken for granted. But if you really think about it, you will realize that children do indeed have the potential to make a huge difference in conserving home energy, paper and water.

The only problem is this potential needs proper guidance in order to really come into its own. If you properly guide and teach your kids the different ways they can help save home energy and water when they are young, they’ll carry that training into their adulthood and help pave the way for a much better green present and future.

But in our busy life we hardly get time for this so there is no need to worry about it your children can learn how to go green in daily life and save environment in innovative practical ways along with wining big cash prizes with lots of other benefits.


Yes Go GREEN Kids is a unique innovative initiative started by Green Yatra an registered trust and NGO where we have opted reverse/ retrograde approach to Save Mother Earth, where children will go green in daily life and inspire their elders, parents, friends and teachers for the same and win cash prize of Rs. 2,00,000, scholarships, National Media coverage (Same amount of prize schools also can win) and lots of other benefits… Completely Free. Each and every student will awarded with a participation certificate as an encouragement which will be life time asset and credential to them.

We believe that the younger generation is our future and has the potential to be change makers. It is the belief that fuels our campaign. Go GREEN Kids is a National environmental educational yet practical Non for profit initiative for children and school students aged between 6 to 18 years, where we hope to develop and deliver practical and logical approaches toward every aspects of environment saving and conservation as daily lifestyle, global warming and how they can contribute, support and inspire their Elders and Friends by adopting a green lifestyle and in the process to help & preserve Mother Nature. The Go GREEN Kids initiative concerns with making children aware and helps in sensitizing their minds so that they may be proactive in caring for our environment.

Our vision is to form the largest network of young students from around the country and world that would not see environmental preservation as a chore, but would understand its importance and act willingly toward a greener present and future. We planned to accomplish this through our campaigns, talk shows, events, dramas and plays, site visits (as Zoo, National parks, rivers, Nature garden, slums, polluted as well as clean natural sites), Eco- Natural picnics, tree plantation, workshops, audio visual presentation, scientific researches and international online forum and activities (includes blogs, website, online community, groups, and forums), where we will discuss various environmental related issues and their impacts and solutions as global warming, alternate energy sources and sustainable living,. We also want to provide a platform for green ideas, concepts, and education that supports underprivileged kids. Our unique content does not only focus and prioritize on theoretical concepts but also on real facts, figures, images, videos, and scientific research.

How to participate in Go GREEN Kids

To participate in Go GREEN Kids, children have to register, login in our website http://www.greenyatra.org/ and give online test or download question answer sheet on resources section give the test and summit/upload fully filled question answer sheet or mail us on [email protected]. After online process written exam will be conducted for selected children for full info kindly read FAQ section in our website. Students can also enjoy reading interesting ways to save Environment in daily life, fact, reality on every aspect of environment in our Knowledge Tank section. We have tried to make test informative, interesting rather than bookish and boring because our objective is to make kids aware and inspire to adopt green lifestyle to save Earth.

  1. himani says

    hi, may i know, can the college students participate in this? having age above 18yrs?

    1. neelu thakur says

      go green really good vision you are 100% right children and teens can make a difference need is only to guide them properly in our daily life

  2. greenyatra says


    I like this article its Very informative and useful for all of us.
    Really the kids most know this thing. Keep it up.
    I would like to share one more article which is based on “Go Green Kids”. So check on this link http://www.greenyatra.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=124&Itemid=214

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