Videocon’s innovative ‘Zero p/sec’ tariff plan !!


“Let’s celebrate the birth of  Zero paise per second… It will change the way you talk forever!” That’s how Videocon’s promotional one-liner envisages on for conceiving the birth of the revolutionary Next Generation tariff rate in mobile telephony.

Zero is here

Oh, really? Is it forever or a limited period offer only? There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. By now, you must have got a faint idea of what I am talking about. Yes, it is touted to be yet another telecom revolution – ‘ZERO paisa per second’ tariff plan. But, the devil lies in the detail and never in the headlines. Read on…

This is an era of marketing excellence. At first, it was ‘teaser rate’ home loan schemes being pioneered by the country’s largest lender SBI; and now its turn for the mobile sector to go through the similar rumbling in an already competitive telecom landscape.

After witnessing an ultra-low tariff of sub-1 paisa/second plan which crunched the sector-wide margins of telecom operators to record lows, the game is likely to get much murkier with the all-new ‘0 paisa/second’ scheme to be launched by Videocon, albeit on its own teaser terms.

1 Paise per second

Yes, I would prefer to call this scheme as teaser gimmicks to woo subscribers. Why so? Basically, the scheme comes bundled up with selected models of Videocon handsets; wherein you get free local minutes on daily basis upto six months to one year depending upon the handset you choose to buy of the same brand.

Details of the Videocon handsets bundled with 0 paisa/sec plans:

  • V202 & V1292 – Free local 10 min daily for 6 months
  • V1404 & V1428 – Free local 10 min daily for 1 year
  • V1676 – 10 local minutes to any network daily for 1 year. (Plus: Free unlimited minutes to local Videocon numbers)
  • V7400 & V7500 – 30 local minutes to any network daily for 1 year. (Plus: Free unlimited minutes to local Videocon numbers)

From above, it is clear that the zero paisa scheme is valid only for the promotional period of offer. Further, unutilized free minutes will be forfeited daily. Post free minutes being consumed, all local and STD calls will be charged at 1 paisa/sec valid for 1 year from the activation date.

As such, I don’t see other telecom service providers being impacted substantially based on this innovative teaser scheme of Videocon. A big question being is this scheme all pervasive- Is it valid for the existing subscribers who do not wish to buy a new handset? Are only new subscribers targeted through this radical scheme?

  1. Stevan says

    Viral dholakia does not have proper knowledge

  2. Jack says

    It’s a worst condition that I had ever heard….bullshit phones & tariffplans

  3. Amit says

    And who wants Videocon handsets!

    1. vijay says

      videocon is almost sucees i am working to koushil comm.baddi himal pardesh baddi is sucess fully area and my company good sales and good deling

  4. Pradeep says

    The first thought that cam in mind was that its a gimmick
    I thought may be 0 paise per sec for say 30 sec and then after 1p per sec etc
    I was sure a BAD condition apply :)

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