India’s poor internet penetration – Comparison Chart!


I was trying to do a bit of comparison as to how India fares when it comes to Internet Penetration. Obviously, I did not expect to see some stellar numbers. But, when I actually compared India’s Internet penetration with its neighbouring countries I was stunned to see how badly Indian fares.

Can you imagine that Pakistan has internet penetrations of more than 11 percent as compared to India’s 4.5 percent. This was my biggest surprise. Pakistan is a poorer country than India and terrorism has taken a toll of it. Even then, Internet penetration is more than double as compared to India.

Even countries like Sri Lanka (5.8), Philippines (6.2), Indonesia (7.9) rank much higher than India. If I had included countries like Hong Kong and Singapore, India’s chart-line is not even visible as these countries have over 70 to 80 percent of people using Internet!

India’s Internet Penetration Comparison

Internet users India

You can do your own comparison here

  1. mini projects says

    Most Indian people dont have the knowledge of computer, but the Educated people knows it. Now there are many educated people in India and they use computer and internet. They knows very well about it………

  2. johnny says

    “This was my biggest surprise. Pakistan is a poorer country than India …”. Wake up and smell the coffee. As per the World Bank and IMF, the per capita GDP of Pakistan and India are very similar (around $1000 mark), with India having a much higher poverty rate than Pakistan. You should do your homework before repeating the stereotypes that all Indians seem to have about Pakistan.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      I think better way to check poverty is looking at PPP or Purchasing Power Parity

      and here is the ppp of both countries..

      India GDP – per capita (PPP):
      $3,800 (2006 est.)
      Pakistan GDP – per capita (PPP):
      $2,600 (2006 est.)

    2. Amit says

      Numbers aside, we all know Pakistan’s economic status.

    3. Shesh says

      Unlike usage of a mobile phone, internet usage has more to do with literacy.

  3. pushpendra paliwal says

    We need a revolution in this sector.

  4. Amit says

    Terrible bandwidth, poor service and high charges are the reasons.

  5. Sethuram says

    Good findings !

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