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The latest figures put Facebook subscribers just short of 600 Million users [596.2 million users to be precise] and Asia has now become their fastest growth engine.

According to a presentation published on Slideshare Asian Sub-continent now has 161.7 Million users as compared to Europe’s 152.5 Million. America is far ahead with 248.6 million users.

Facebook Users by Continent

Facebook Users

Indian now boasts Facebook user base of 18.8 million, which puts them at 7th largest country for FB users. It is quite surprising that smaller asian countries like Indonesia, Philippines and Turkey boast some of the highest Facebook users in the world.

Facebook Users by Countries – top 10 (in million)

  1. United states of America – 146.6
  2. Indonesia – 33.9
  3. United Kingdom – 27.5
  4. Turkey – 24.8
  5. Philippines – 20.8
  6. France – 20.3
  7. India – 18.8
  8. Mexico – 18.8
  9. Italy – 17.8
  10. Canada – 16.6

Facebook does not seem popular at all in China, where there are only 0.3 million users.

There are about 298 Million Male Facebook users as compared to 288 Million female users, while the 10 Million member’s gender is unknown !

You can download the complete infographic from here

Facebook Demographics Presentation

  1. Bob says

    Can’t speak to the other countries however Canada & US have close 50% of their population on Facebook, lol. Didn’t realize that. Thanks for the numbers.

  2. pushpendra paliwal says

    small correction in your statistics:: 298million Male Facebook users as compared to 288 million female

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      lol, thanks for pointing out the error. Sometimes these kind of things happen :)

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