Indian’s don’t prefer piracy…really ?


It is a common knowledge that India is one of the leading country when it comes to software piracy. According to a survey released few months back, over 65% software’s used in India are pirated amounting to loss of over USD 2 Billion. When it comes to Movie piracy, Indian is ranked 4th in the world.

But surprisingly, a Microsoft report says that 86 percent consumers in India are ready to pay more for genuine software.

I highly doubt this finding!

The report findings are based on inputs from about 2,000 people in India who took part in the survey, which covered more than 38,000 people across 20 countries. Consumers that had a personal computer and were the primary decision-makers at home on PC/software purchases took part in the survey.

Either the people who participated in the survey did not give out the real facts, or demographics of people chosen for the survey did not reflect the reality at large.

To be honest, it is quite evident even if you see in people and small companies around you. Most of the Small companies and Individuals cannot afford buying genuine software. Do you think a Graphic designer will shell out close to a lakh of rupee to get Adobe photoshop on his machine. More than 95 percent of all installations are pirated.

Infact, I am surprised that of all, Microsoft has come out with this survey where they have been shouting for years that Piracy is rampant in India!

The survey also shows that 82 per cent of respondents said software companies should do more to stop their products from being counterfeited and 76 per cent believe the government should take more steps to curb illegal software.

Again like I mentioned earlier, the the biggest reason why piracy happens in India is because exorbitant cost of software’s. The only thing that can get piracy down in India is if regularly used software’s can come in common man’s reach.

What is your take on this ?

  1. […] there are thousands of people who earn their living off pirated softwares – They don’t have an option – and they will be out of business if they are forced to buy genuine softwares at huge costs. […]

  2. Ubuntu Php says

    all indains posting message down you are cheap thefts and you are thefts you shoulkd never blame the theft who thefts your house bacause you are baling youself.

  3. Sandeep says

    Only 1thing i want 2 say the solution is simple for reducing piracy.All the software developing company’s instead of selling your original copy for 2000-4000rs continuing 2,3yr instead of that sell the original copy for 1yr after that the developers co. to meet the needs of common people they should release the same copy @cheaper price wh is equal to pirated copy price wh should be legal by CO. itself.They can able to earn more profits out of it then wasting time in shouting stop piray.

  4. SURESH SATI says

    India is a biggest market for piracy. I have spent my 30 years in combating the menace. In 1979 when I did my first action against piracy the piracy rate was between 5 to 10%. The Government made the IPR Laws cognizable in 1984. Companies started taking interest in the fight against piracy. But now in some products it has come to 40 to 60%. Now for some years China entered into this and dumping pirated products into Indian markets. It is said Indians do not prefer pirated stuff, No, these are in the market because there is a demand. The demand is either from distributors, retailers or from the consumer itself, this is a matter of survey. These are in the market because these can be freely sold. Government, Companies and Organizations should come together to fight the menace. Govt. is loosing revenue, Companies are loosing their market share and the consumer is being cheated. What the Administration implementing the Law is doing. If you will enquire from Police or Department taking action for this you will not find a single suo-moto case registered by them.

  5. Buy Indian:) says

    Ironically pirated versions of Windows are better than the real version:(…Sad but true.

    The same can be said about games, mac software etc…

  6. Nikhil Bhagia says

    one more survey . . . *sigh* ….. if i do a personal survey, more than 90% of peops i know use pirated softwares…..
    infact, i once came across a very interesting kind of job a person used to do….
    his job was to get a copy of the CD of the movie that was released this friday, by friday itself, from Pune to Mumbai via a two-wheeler.
    The funny thing was that they were given a second hand scooter, which was actually auctioned by police-walas! (might be a criminal’s vehicle or owner couldn’t be found.)
    the only condition was, if u get caught , for any reason, leave the bloody vehicle, just ensure u run away…..
    and they were paid something like 2k for it in a single day !
    it takes me a week to earn tht much amount !

  7. Aparajita says

    The survey must have been conducted in IT companies and agencies where genuine software wouldnt get them into trouble. Music and movie industry wouldnt survive. Moresoever, if they ever conducted a raid on IT professionals when they are relaxing at home, their system only has the pirated version of everything – Software, Games, Music or Movies!!

  8. Kapil says

    Yes! We Indians are against pirated software because we need free software. Even pirated comes for a price. :)

    1. Nikhil Bhagia says

      ha ha . . . good one ! we are ‘open’ ;)

  9. Siddharth Singh says

    Indians abhor piracy? Really?

    Bollywood would not survive without piracy. They may cry themselves hoarse when their own movies are pirated – but what about pirated storylines and music? Even the biggest names of the industry have no qualms in stealing whole plots and sequences.

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