Samsung Galaxy Tab priced at Rs. 38k–Will you buy?


Samsung Galaxy Tab is finally here and you can start ordering right away from Flipkart. But let me tell you, it does not come cheap – At Rs. 38,000 it does dig a deep hole in your pocket. Although, it will officially be shipped on 11th November, Flipkart is taking pre-orders now for this much anticipated device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab has evoked quite a bit of interest and is one of the very few tablets that promises to be on par or even better as compared to Apple iPad. Having said that, I am not too happy with the steep pricing attached to it.


Indian consumers are price sensitive lot and the price tag is surely come as a dampener. It is not that consumers do not have any choices – Home grown Olivepad is priced at around 25,000 rupees, which although has less features as compared to tab, is quite a decent device. Then we also have Notion Ink Adam, which is expected to be priced quite aggressively as well.

Samsung has a target of selling 500k tablets – Will they achieve it ?

  1. Sunny Snn says

    like this

  2. Sunny Snn says

    like this

  3. Sriram says

    I like nokia tuch screan mobiles

  4. Suresh says

    I own a Motorola Milestone, which I bought for Rs27k. Looking at the screen size of 7inch for the tab vs 4.3inch for the milestone, the tab looks ok to buy. Having said that, I think it is better to buy a Rs5k phone and a better spec-ed netbook for 20k, unless one really wants the smaller size at lower configuration with higher price.

  5. suraj jain says

    Can u plz include iPad price above.. this will give readers idea.. how cheap or costlier Galaxy TAB is :-)

    1. Viral says

      Suraj Jain,

      I am not a gizmo guy… But, I guess an Apple’s iPad is priced somewhere around Rs.25k as against Rs.38k for Samsung Galaxy tab.

      1. Atul Dharne says

        The 64GB 3G+WiFi iPad costs 46,000/- in the gray market as it has not been officially launched here. I too was excited and saw the Galaxy Tab yesterday…it’s good with Froyo, but it has a LCD screen and felt a wee bit plastiki…should have been more slick. It’s better than the iPad as it has front/back cameras and can be used as a oversized phone too :-)….(iPad does voip).

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