Mobile Internet sees Fierce growth in India!


Although Broadband Internet is growing at a snail’s pace, Mobile Internet is witnessing fierce growth in India. According to the Opera’s State of Mobile Web report, Indian mobile Internet usage clocked 381.6 percent growth in Mobile browser page-views year on year.

The growth of Mobile Internet makes me wonder, if India has skipped the broadband revolution and moved directly on to Mobile Internet revolution ? And with tablets being the new rage and 3G getting launched, Home broadband connections seems to be already on its way out. It is good in a way, a step towards next gen high speed 3G based Internet.

Coming back to the state of Mobile web report – Here are some of the highlights:

Opera state of Mobile Web


Mobile Internet Growth

  • Page-view growth since September 2009: 381.6 %
  • Unique-user growth since September 2009: 306.3 %
  • Data transfer growth since September 2009: 330.1 %
  • Page views per user: 402
  • Data transferred per user (MB): 7
  • Data transferred per page view (KB): 18

Top 10 sites in India (unique users)


Top handsets for September 2010

  1. Nokia 5130 XpressMusic
  2. Nokia 2700c
  3. Nokia 2690
  4. Nokia 2730c
  5. Nokia 3110c
  6. Nokia 7210c
  7. Nokia N70
  8. Nokia 6300
  9. Nokia 5233
  10. Nokia N73

It is seriously high time that we see brands other than Nokia in the list of Top Phones. I have been covering this Opera report for close to 2 years now and there has been no other brand on that list.

Here is an interesting new statistic that Opera presented in this month’s report –

Opera Mini users in the top 10 countries (worldwide) save over 802 million USD per month, or over 9.6 billion USD per year. Globally, based on the average cost of browsing worldwide, Opera Mini users save over 2.2 billion USD per month, or over 27.4 billion USD per year.

That’s quite an interesting statistic – Opera Mini browser compresses the data for mobile users. The above calculation was done based on the data charges of the top 10 countries and what would have been the cost if un-compressed data was served to Mobile users.

Monthly data costs and savings

Country Cost per MB (local currency) Cost per MB (USD)
Indonesia 1000 IDR 0,11
Russia 3.5 RUB 0,11
India 6 INR 0,14
China 5 CNY 0,75
Ukraine 1.4 UAH 0,18
South Africa 1 ZAR 0,14
Vietnam 5000 VND 0,26
United States 2 USD 2,00
Nigeria 150 NGN 0,99
Brazil 0.10 BRL 0,06

If you have not yet used Opera Browser on your phone for browsing, you should go ahead and install it – It is one of the best Mobile browsers !

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