Microsoft Vision 2019 – Fascinating & Exciting !!


Just came across a video on Youtube – I am not sure when it was released by Microsoft, but it is a Fascinating video giving you glimpse of tomorrow.


It essentially shows what Microsoft’s vision of products & Technology is in this coming decade. Watch the video and imagine living in a world where technology brings literally the world at your fingertips.


What a dream-world…Nah, actually not a dream, but something that is possible just 10 years away from now ! We are living in an exciting era, I must say!

  1. Amit says

    i’m sure people would still be supporting systems with cobol and mainframes then too.

  2. Anurag Sachdev says

    Fantastic Video. Had seen another such video when Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer visited Delhi. A promising future, would love to see a similar one by Apple.
    World is indeed coming to fingertips and eventually to thoughts…my strong belief. Thats why we do, what we do at HandsTalk!

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