Weekly Wrap-up: CWG, Facebook, Android Apps, NZ broadcaster, Indian Railways, Paypal, Online piracy and more…


Its the start of a new week, its Monday and time for a quick recap of our buzzing posts of last week..

Google Maps screwing up Indian Boundaries of Kashmir are well known, but I was surprised that Yahoo Maps is even one step ahead – Their map clearly shows Northern Kashmir as part of Pakistan !

We are now half-way through the Commonwealth games, and it is but sure that this will be most successful CWG for Indian when it comes to Medal Wins – India may even notch up 100 medals. The Opening Ceremony has been one of the best ever – It also distinguishes itself for having Maximum CWG records broken !

Here is an interesting Traffic Chart for you – Digg Vs Reddit – You make your own conclusion, as I am unable to do it.

Facebook is slowly becoming a major threat to Google, there is no doubt about that. Not only is FB adding new subscribers in heaps, their new initiatives seem to quite popular with users as well.

Android users in India, like me, are rejoicing right now and why not…Android has opened up Android Paid apps for Indian Market. You can also check out the guide on how to purchase Apps from Android Market in India.

This is a very pertinent question – Are we living more virtually then ever ?

Lot has been happening in Indian retail space recently – Here is the latest Retail Buzz..

The Indian Telecom growth story continues – We have crossed 700 Million Telecom subscribers and 10 million broadband users !

here is a big story of last week – Unbelievable…How a New Zealand Broadcaster ridicules Indian Chief Minister on Live TV!!

For the first time in history, Indian Railways has come out with a TV commercial and people have mixed reactions to it.

Did you you know that Paypal has banned Domestic Payments in India ?

Wal-Mart’s foray into India has not been easy – Can it now make a comeback with Indian Government now changing FDI rules favouring them ?

Online Piracy has been there since the start and it will continue to remain – Can legalizing Online piracy be a solution for Music / Video companies ?

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