iPhone 4 shows Arunachal Pradesh as part of China – Chinese Diktat ?


China is clearly stamping its clout to get their way! Here is the story…

Chinese people are thronging Apple stores in China to get their hands on coveted iPhone 4 – However, the new iPhones do seem to have some serious alterations done. The Mapping application on iPhone 4 seems to be clearly rigged by Chinese Government.

Here is a verbatim experience of a user who bought iPhone 4

I soon discovered that the Chinese version of the iPhone 4 comes with an aggravating quirk, though: The built-in Maps app is crippled. My phone’s base map is hard-wired to Google Maps’ censored dataset for China, where the depiction of China’s borders complies with the official propaganda of the Chinese government.

It does not, for example, show the region of Arunachal Pradesh as being disputed by China and India. On my phone, it belongs to China, even though the facts on the ground belie it — it is currently administered by India.


The is clear indication of the length at which Apple is going to please Chinese Government.

I think, what India should do is – direct all the Mobile companies in India to show whole of China as part of India :). Jokes apart, the important thing is that China is clearly not going to leave Arunachal Pradesh issue. I see this ballooning into a big controversy sooner or later.

What do you think ?

  1. Akhilesh Mandle says

    Lagta hai cina ko batana padega.

  2. Akhilesh Mandle says

    Lagta hai cina ko batana padega.

  3. Natt says

    along with this AP, J&K borders were also not clearly defined in the Google maps.
    this is a very serious issue & the impatience on this border issues clearly reflects the impotence of this govt.

  4. Chndu Pandey says

    Boycott Google, Don’t use those hopeless phone or products even GMAIL also, who are insulting INDIANS…… Wants to write some Galis ( You can choose Which you like most for chinese and GOOGLE both)

  5. Amit says

    China has big ambitions. It’s considering to expand considering its growing population, economy and their hunger for resources such as land and water.
    India and many other neighbours will fall as victims to the aggressive and well-planned offensive by China.
    India need to secure the borders, run its own propaganda machine and raise its voice on world forum. Instead India is wasting billions of dollars on unnecessary dreamy projects such as UID scheme.

  6. ashok pai says

    clearly the chinese seem to have an inferiority complex. what are they worried about ? why are they trying to conquer Indian lands on the sly ? why are they dragging apple into this, and why is apple getting into this controversy unnecessarily ?

    I blame apple for changing course here. if previous apple maps showed AP as a part of India – apple is responsible equally for messing up. Boycott Apple.

    1. Amit says

      Apple is a business. They’ll listen to India as well if we buy enough iProducts and Indian government is assertive enough. But unfortunately that’s not the case. Unless we make ourselves strong enough we will have no say over these issues.

  7. Nirav says

    Its really depressing to see articles written without any real effort put in ascertaining the verification of the claims made. The fact that Arunachal Pradesh shows up under China is not Apple’s doing, it is just a function of Google using the Chinese censored map dataset in China. You see the same map if you go to maps.google.cn So I don’t understand why this hue and cry now and then blame Apple when it is Google’s maps that are actually being shown!

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