Indian B-Schools sensitizing students with social issues


Doctors spend some 5 years taking MBBS exams and then they have to take practical training for another 1 year in a public health institution before they get a degree and start practicing elsewhere. On the other hand, top B-School students which are recognized to have high intellectual students are recruited by Fortune 500 companies at a very high pay packages, expecting them to deliver results immediately being highly talented.

The question arises – Shouldn’t our own country who invests in them get the benefit back?

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I think this question is getting partially answered today:

SPJIMR started a program last year, where every year for three months their students undertake socially relevant projects for 6 weeks. Project requires a student to work in the social sector with an NGO and to provide management inputs gathered from his classroom learning to the non-profit sector. The models of the projects undertaken are submitted to the Corporate/NGO involved.

NMIMS has just launched ‘We Care’ project where, 303 students of the MBA(Core) programme are placed in 53 social sector organizations working on diverse range of social issues like housing, domestic violence, health, education, micro finance, economic empowerment and other related areas. These include Micro Housing Finance Corporation, Swadhar Fin Access, NASEOH, Save the Children India, Nav Nirmiti, Yuva Parivartan, Railway Children, Advitya, United Way Mumbai, Dignity Foundation, Life Supporters Institute of Health Services, Young Women’s Christian Association, Sujaya Foundation, Mumbai Votes and other organizations

The scope of projects ranges from implementation of projects to strategic support to managing the future transitions as well as assessment of social impact. Along with the specific support, the students learn about the specific social concerns the enterprise addresses, go through available literature on the social problems and develop sensitivity on issues of concern for inclusive growth. This synergy of managerial skills and social sensitivity finally creates a win-win situation for all the stakeholders.

Pragat-I, the IIM Indore social sensitivity cell, is an initiative of students at IIM Indore which works on social development projects and tries to spread awareness about various social causes. Just like the previous B-Schools, a student uses a platform to use their ideas for the benefit of the society. Basic intention is to learn and experience various root social issues which also involves a lot of managerial activities.

Such exchange, consultation and participation in social sector projects will bring the community and the academia into a new and fruitful working relationship. This kind of engagement will facilitate both faculty as well as students to descend from their professorial podiums and be ready to learn as well as contribute. With such attempts, things are set to fall in place in due course of time.

(Information using excerpts from the students of these institutes)

  1. Mansha Verma says

    I have gone through Times Business School’s web site it’s also offerring such courses which contributes to the society…..

  2. Rahul @ MazaKaro says

    Great things these students are doin :)

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