Slimmest 3D LED Television by Samsung


just a few years back, Television was a bulky box that sat in your drawing room. With advent of LCD Television lot of that changed – Lot of flab was shed and everyone was excited about how well these TVs looked. They were slim and sexy.

Then last year we saw 3D TV, which could give you a full 3D experience in your drawing room. However, the boundaries are being stretched….

The latest television from Samsung, the series 9000 is a full HD 3D LED TV and the most incredible part about it is its thickness. The display of this Samsung TV is only 7.98 millimeters ! samsung-slimmest-TV

That is close to thickness of a lead-pencil – and you would be surprised at what all this super-ultra-sim Samsung Television has packed inside it.

This 55-inch full HD 3D LED TV has built-in 3D processors that convert the 2D images in to 3D automatically. It also features a built-in tuner, four HDMI ports and a USB port to play multimedia content from a Flash USB drive or portable HDD.

This full HD TV comes with a 3-inch Touch Control display bearing remote control that has a QWERTY keyboard, and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi option to control the TV, Set Top Box and Audio-Video devices. This remote also has an AllShare feature that connects the TV to compatible mobile devices and enables sharing multimedia content wirelessly.

Equipped with Internet@TV feature, this TV will also connect you to Samsung Apps store where you can download different apps.

Now, after reading all this, don’t expect this TV to come cheap to you – This 55-inch full HD 3D LED TV puts you down by Rs. 4,40,000 !

  1. altol says

    Pricy… and not worth as the glasses are not free from the flicker image. I guess not better from that of FPR glasses.

  2. srekhand says

    Is is not the price is too high compare to other 3D tv like LG 3D TV? how portable it is in converting 2D to3D? Is is as good as the new FPR 3D TV?

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