Bangalore University opens up Higher Education for Transgenders [#win]


I am very glad to see this news – Bangalore University becomes the First University in India to allow transgenders to pursue higher education. Infact, they have gone ahead and created reservation quota of one seat in each of the 60 post-graduate (PG) courses that it offers.

This cue should be taken by every other PG University in India and follow suite in opening up seats for Transgenders. Education is a basic Human right of a citizen, and I am surprised that other colleges do not admit them.

Human Equality

What is even more heartening is that Bangalore University is not only admitting them, but also ensuring them that they are not discriminated after they enroll for courses. To start off they have changed the Application form which will reflect “TG” (for Transgender) category apart from default “male” and “female”  categories.

The University has also gone ahead and taken strict measures incase these students are subjected to mental or Physical harassment.

To make students sensitive about transgenders, the university is planning to organize counseling sessions in coordination with the department of psychology. The varsity is also all set to address the personal needs of the transgenders, like constructing separate toilets and restrooms for them. [source]

Personal View: I am a firm believer that being a Transgender or being of a certain sexual orientation is not an Individual’s fault – They are born like that and have every right to live like any other normal human being. Off all the people, we, the urban citizens should understand this and support every cause for equality of such Human Beings. The step by Bangalore University is a big WIN, and hopefully other colleges follow it as well !

What is your opinion ?

  1. rajeev kapoor says

    Dear sir/Madam,

    We are based in Nigeria Lagos, My Son is studying here in ILS INDIAN LANGUAGE SCHOOL, He has just passed 10th Boards & started 11th.
    Now as per him he is interested in doing BBA next year after 11th.

    Please advise me the total cost also with full details.


    Rajeev Kapoor

  2. Madhav Shivpuri says

    Hi Arun,

    I agree that adding ‘TG’ to the ‘Gender’ section is required to allow a TG candidate to fill the application properly. (Same thing should be at the work place or other documents). They should also be treated equally like other candidates. So, why have a quota and reserve a seat for them? Is there any evidence that they being transgender affect their ability to study hard and score well in exams?

    As it is, the Indian Govt. is stupid enough (in my humble opinion) to create quotas based on religion and caste (with no disrespect to anybody of any religion/caste) even in this day and age where one does not ask the other person about their religion/ caste just like we don’t ask each other what political party they vote for. So why add one seat to the ‘reserved’ seats?

    What happens to all the vast majority of ‘normal’ students (males/ females), who don’t fall into quota seats? The number of seats they fight for continues to shrink. I sympathize with them.

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