Best of the Week – Twitter Ecosystem, CEO salaries, Ecommerce, Facebook & more…


Here are some of the buzzing stories of the last week. Number of articles were discussed quite a bit, if you have missed them…go ahead and give them a look..


Best posts of the Week

Twitter has been introducing number of new features, but in doing so, Is Twitter Alienating The Developer Ecosystem Around It?

Recently many senior executives have been in news for their bulging pay-cheques, but  Not so Unjustified After all !. (Very good comments and most of them seem to agree with Viral that high pays are justified.)

A recently released survey that gives you an idea about What salary do MBA’s from Premier Business Schools in India get?

Here is a run-down on the Top 10 most valuable technology companies in India based on their market capitalization

Mobile number portability still looks like a distant dream, hut hey…Mediclaim Portability is here !

Growth of Ecommerce in India has not really gone according to script, primarily due to dismal internet penetration in India, but more so because Ecommerce services in India suck. However, the future of Online Shopping in India holds promise (atleast in theory :))

This is height of laziness – Soon a mobile phone that will operate without touch, but with gaze of your eye !

The Direct tax code bill has been updated – Here is a rundown on revised tax code bill

And Finally, lets pay tribute to end of an Era – R.I.P Typewriters

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