Warning! Your Phone’s Screen Can Host Coronavirus For A Week; How To Clean Your Phone?

Warning! Your Phone's Screen Can Host Coronavirus For A Week; How To Clean Your Phone?
Warning! Your Phone’s Screen Can Host Coronavirus For A Week; How To Clean Your Phone?

Do you check your smartphone a hundred times a day? Here is not so pleasing revelation – our smartphone carries more gems and bacterias than a toilet seat!

Can you imagine if they were get in contact with the deadly coronavirus.

Find Out Why?

An average person checks their smartphone more than 50 times a day. Every time you do, your mobile device picks up more bacteria from your hands. 

According to the University of Arizona findings back in 2012, the cellphones carry 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, largely because toilet seats are typically cleaned more frequently while per personal electronics are largely overlooked.

Further, the mobile phone screens are a potential route of infection for coronavirus and the researchers claim the killer bug can survive on the flat surface for almost a week unless it is properly disinfected.

What Experts Advice?

With the spread of novel coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization are advising the general public to wash their hands often and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

Experts say you should clean them twice a day with alcohol wipes.

The following are some inputs given by WHO for cleaning your smartphone.

  1. First of all, turn off your phone before you start to clean it.
  2. Now Apple recommends using a lens cloth, the sort you might use to clean your glasses. If you are cleaning an iPhone 7 or higher, which is more water-resistant, you can also use a cloth with a small amount of warm soapy water, as long as you avoid getting that water into openings on the phone. while, other phone makers don’t specifically say that this works, though you should generally be safe with most modern phones released in the past several years that have some sort of water resistance.
  3. However, Apple and Samsung advise against using cleaning products, since they can damage the fingerprint-resistant coatings on the screens. But as we know, desperate times call for desperate measures and I’ve found I’m more worried about germs than fingerprints on the screen. 
  4. In case you are worried about damaging the screen, consider buying a cheap screen protector and just using Clorox or Lysol wipes to clean it. Also, you can always replace the screen protector with a new one. You can also gently wipe down the back and sides of the phone, too.
  5. For the older phones, you should just use a soft, lint-free cloth, since those phones aren’t resistant to liquid. 

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