Top 100 Outsourcing Companies in World [2014]


[Updated: November 2014]

We have been featuring the Top Outsourcing Companies list since 2007, however, we have not been able to update it for past couple of years. The IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals) has recently come out with “The Global Outsourcing 100” for 2014 which enlists the top outsourcing companies in the world.

So we decided to update our list and bring you the most recent 2014 results.

As we have been following this list for past 6-7 years, you will be surprised to know that Indian companies are slowly falling off the charts. Infact, back in 2007-8, TCS and Infosys ruled the roost, but that is not the case anymore. Infact, in the 2014 list, they do not even feature in list (Now, thats not possible..but not sure why they are not in the list anymore). Most Indian companies have fallen from the ranks.

Top 100 outsourcing companies 2014
Top 100 outsourcing companies 2014


What is unique about this list is – It does not rank the companies on its size alone but based on various different Outsourcing parameters which include:

  • Customer References
  • Demonstrated Competencies
  • Balanced performance
  • Management Capabilities
  • Size & Growth

India is biggest outsourcing destination in the world, and every company in top 10 have a presence in India – However, what is interesting to see would be how many India-bred companies are actually in the list.

Infosys Technologies, the iconic software company ranks 2nd in the list of World’s best Outsourcing companies. The top position is taken by Accenture. In the top 10 rankings there are 2 other India-bred companies – Wipro (4th) and TCS (7th).

Infosys has made big strides in this year’s list as last year it was ranked 9th, in the IAOP list, while TCS & Wipro were ranked 4th & 5th respectively.

Top 100 Outsourcing companies of 2010

(Indian companies highlighted in bold)

  1 ISS  Balanced Performance
  2 Accenture  Balanced Performance
  3 CBRE  Balanced Performance
 4 Kelly Outsourcing and Consulting Group   Balanced Performance
 5 Colliers International  Management Capabilities
 6 HCL Technologies  Management Capabilities
 7 NCR Services  Demonstrated Competencies
 8 Pactera  Demonstrated Competencies
 9 Capgemini  Demonstrated Competencies
 10 CGI  Management Capabilities
 11 Cassidy Turley  Customer References
 12 Firstsource  Management Capabilities
 13 transcosmos  Management Capabilities
 14 Sitel  Demonstrated Competencies
 15 Sykes Enterprises  Demonstrated Competencies
 16 Jones Lang LaSalle  Balanced Performance
 17 Serco Global Services  Demonstrated Competencies
 18 Luxoft  Demonstrated Competencies
 19 Johnson Controls – Global WorkPlace Solutions  Management Capabilities
 20 Newmark Grubb Knight Frank  Management Capabilities
 21 Towers Watson  Demonstrated competencies
 22 L&T Infotech  Balanced Performance
 23 LeasePlan USA  Balanced Performance
 24 Insigma  Management Capabilities
 25 IBA Group  Management Capabilities
 26 SoftServe  Management Capabilities
 27 Quatrro  Balanced Performance
 28 Infotech Enterprises  Balanced Performance
 29 EXL  Balanced Performance
 30 Swiss Post Solutions  Balanced Performance
 31 TIVIT  Balanced Performance
 32 Wicresoft  Balanced Performance
 33 Mindtree  Balanced Performance
 34 Cybage Software  Balanced Performance
 35 Aegis  Management Capabilities
 36 Sutherland Global Services  Balanced Performance
 37 Softtek  Management Capabilities
 38 MAYKOR  Management Capabilities
 39 Datamatics Global Services  Balanced Performance
 40 Xchanging  Balanced Performance
 41 Aon Hewitt  Balanced Performance
 41 Aptara  Management Capabilities
 42 Canon Business Process Services  Balanced Performance
 43 Concentrix  Customer References
 44 iSoftStone  Customer References
 45 tgestiona  Demonstrated Competencies
 46 CIeNET International  Balanced Performance
 47 SPi Global  Demonstrated Competencies
 48 Neusoft  Management Capabilities
 49 Diebold Integrated Services©  Management Capabilities
 50 HGS  Management Capabilities
 51 EPAM Systems  Management Capabilities
 52 WNS Global Services  Balanced Performance
 53 Unisys  Management Capabilities
 54 Indecomm Global Services  Management Capabilities
 55 MphasiS, an HP Company  Demonstrated Competencies
 56 Stefanini  Management Capabilities
 57 FPT Software  Customer References
 58 ChinaSoft International  Management Capabilities
 59 CPA Global Group  Management Capabilities
 60 Altisource  Customer References
 61 Donlen  Balanced Performance
 62 Syntel  Management Capabilities
 62 TELUS International  Management Capabilities
 63 ITC Infotech  Demonstrated Competencies
 64 TeleTech  Management Capabilities
 65 RR Donnelley Global Outsourcing  Management Capabilities
 66 MERA  Balanced Performance
 67 NEORIS  Management Capabilities
 68 Brookfield Global Relocation Services  Customer References
 69 The Results Companies  Management Capabilities
 70 Persistent Systems  Management Capabilities
 71 Mastek  Demonstrated Competencies
 72 Emerio GlobeSoft  Management Capabilities
 73 Aditya Birla Minacs  Management Capabilities
 74 Inspur  Balanced Performance
 75 ARAMARK  Demonstrated Competencies
 75 Ness Technologies   Management Capabilities
 79 Itransition  Balanced Performance
 80 TEAM International Services  Balanced Performance
 81 Intetics  Balanced Performance
 82 Miratech  Balanced Performance
 83 Softengi  Customer References
 84 ReSource Pro  Management Capabilities
 85 Prominente  Balanced Performance
 86 Oxagile  Customer References
 87 Bleum  Management Capabilities
 88 LegalBase  Balanced Performance
 89 Auriga  Balanced Performance
 90 ServicEngineBPO  Balanced Performance
 91 Harbinger Systems  Management Capabilities
 92 Ajuba international  Balanced Performance
 93 Reksoft  Balanced Performance
 94 DATROSE  Management Capabilities
 95 Clutch Group  Management Capabilities
 96 QX  Management Capabilities
 97 GP Solutions  Customer References
 98 SaM Solutions  Management Capabilities
 99 CrysTelCall  Management Capabilities
 100 AGS Health  Customer References
1-78 = Leaders Judging Group (larger, more established firms)                  79-100 = Rising Stars Judging Group (smaller, emerging companies)
NOTE: More Leader Group companies are represented on the final top 100 list due to multiple scoring ties.
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    wow..IGT is on the list..congrats!

  11. Kel Gayo Oracion says

    wow..IGT is on the list..congrats!

  12. Kel Gayo Oracion says

    wow..IGT is on the list..congrats!

  13. Kel Gayo Oracion says

    wow..IGT is on the list..congrats!

  14. Kel Gayo Oracion says

    wow..IGT is on the list..congrats!

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